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Alwathba Fossil Dunes

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Geological Sites
Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesMap

What travelers say:

Fossil Dunes are an amazing set of unique and fascinating structures located on the dunes of Al Wathba. Vehicles of any type can easily reach the area by inserting the word "fossil Dunes" in a bitwise or Google map. Pull over anywhere on the side of the road as you discover fossil dunes and start trekking! We walked for an hour along the dunes that normally go west, and then watched the sunset turn the undulating dunes from brown to red and purple. Each fossil dune is unique in its structure and we will do everything we can to take pictures and enjoy the unique design. They can be fragile, so we avoid touching them because you may see a lot of debris because of the tedious handling. Some fossil dunes are definitely big enough to climb and walk, but you have to be extra careful as they are not actually made of rock but just hardened sand. Have a great time there and be sure to try to enjoy the sunset!


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