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Sister Lake

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Batang Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
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Open Open 24 hours
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 1-2 hours
Address: In Haizi Mountain in the middle of Batang and Litang, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

What people are saying:

National Highway 318, Chuanzang South Line, is called the must-driving road in this life, and is also the most recommended route for the first time to travel to Tibet. Following National Highway 318, the whole road is a beautiful scenery 🌈, so this is to give you a detailed strategy and road map of 318 Chuanzang South Line ⭐ along the way 🌈 ①# The cloud and fog of Hailuogou Hailuogou are absolutely unique. The hot spring experience can not be missed. ②# Redstone Park here can see that every stone is covered with a red coat, and it is piled up next to the river and valley ③# Daocheng Aden has long lines and short lines, and the long lines include five color seas and milk seas. The views are beautiful, but the physically challenged tourists need to be able to walk! ④# Maori grassland is endless, the sky is as if you can reach ⑤# Sister Lake is composed of two lakes, like two sleeping fairies 💃 ⑥# Midui Glacier is relatively low in altitude, and people who can walk to the foot of the glacier will be shaken by its ice waterfall ⑦ Caohugang Spruce Forest 🍁 Picea forests are suitable for walking. Walking here, like walking in the forest, it feels quiet 🌅 Into hiding and preparing sunscreens: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunglasses (highland ultraviolet rays are very strong, be sure to pay attention to sunscreen!) Lip balm (the weather is dry, it can easily cause lip cracks! Cold clothes: down jacket, warm clothes, scarf gloves, sneakers (the temperature difference between day and night on the plateau is very large, sometimes reaches about 20°) ⭐ Personal items: ① ID card, student ID card and various preferential documents (remember to apply for a border certificate at the place of residence before going to the border area) ②Emergency medicine ‼️Red Jingtian (drug for prevention of altitude sickness) Panax ginseng Container and Glucose (Glucose can replenish energy) Carsickness medicine ​ (Long journey on the plateau, car sick friends remember to prepare well~) ③ Photos 👗 Hanfu, Tibet and other special clothes suitable for Tibet ④ Other classes 💰 Part of cash 🚗 10 antenna road trip 1 day: Chengdu - Ya'an - Moxi Ancient Town - Hailuogou 2 day: Hailuogou - Hongshitan - Kangding - Zheduo Mountain - Xindu Bridge 3 day: Xindu Bridge - Yajiang - Litang - Daocheng - Aden 4th day: Aden Long Line: Chonggu Temple - Lorong Cattle Farm - Milk Sea - Five Color Sea (Aden Long Line Short Line, you can play according to time) 5th day: Aden Short Line: Chonggu Temple - Lorong Cattle Farm - Pearl Sea 6th day: Aden-Litang-Maohu Prairie-Sister Lake-Batang 7th day: Batang-Mangkang-Zuogong-Nujiang Grand Canyon-Banda Prairie-Baju 8th day:Baju-Anjula Mountain-Ranwu Lake-Palung Tibetan River-Bami 9th day:Bami-Tongmai-Lulang-Bayi-Nangjabawa Peak 10th day Linzhi - Gongbu Ganda - Yanghu - Lhasa

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