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Han Meilin Art Museum

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14.4 mi from downtown
"The Han Meilin Art Museum is located in the Liyuan Theme Park and brings together more than 2,000 personal artworks donated by artist Han Meilin. There are exquisite pottery and porcelain, sculptures, calligraphy and French paintings in the museum, including Fuwa, Air China logo, animal stamps, miniature sculptures of major cities and other classics, which are worth seeing. The art gallery is a grey and white building with a simple style. There are lakes and trees in the surrounding pear orchards, and the environment is beautiful. It is also a good choice for outings nearby. The whole art gallery is divided into three floors, with several main exhibition halls, such as the order hall, the pottery craft hall, the design and decoration painting hall, the sculpture hall, the Chinese painting and calligraphy hall, and the film and television exhibition hall, which displays Han Meilin's creative experience in multimedia. A simple visit to several exhibition halls used to take about 1-2 hours. There are free guided tours in the museum, which can help visitors understand the meaning and artistic value behind the exhibition. There is also an art store in the museum, where you can buy your favorite works of art. Walking into the gate of the art museum, you can see the sculptures such as unicorns, mother and child, Buddha statues, etc., which are vivid and vivid. Among them, the mother and child sculpture is a picture of a tiptoe baby kissing her mother, which exquisitely shows the relationship between parent and child. Affectionate and striking. Entering the exhibition hall, you first come to the preface hall, where the iconic series of sculptures about cows complement each other with the words of Han Meilin's determination to be willing to be a russian cow engraved on the door. There is also a huge Buddha statue 12 meters high in the preface hall, which leads directly to the third floor in the hall, which is magnificent and solemn. The ceramic handicraft exhibition hall displays a large number of celadon, purple sand and precious Jun kiln and other ceramics. One of the walls has 108 different styles of purple sand pots, which look very beautiful. There are also two precious Jun kiln products, "Blossoming Mountain Flowers" and "Xueji Pagoda". After listening to the explanation, you can understand how precious these works of art are. The design and decoration painting hall displays paintings created by Han Meilin. The well-known Fuwa, the Olympic bid logo and the Air China logo are displayed here. Among them are the precious animal stamp pictures designed by Han Meilin. These works have made a sensation in the international tour exhibition. The effect, the animal portraits are simple but profound, very wonderful. The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Hall is connected to the Sculpture Hall. In the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Hall, Han's brush and ink works for decades are displayed. Among them, the series of images such as cows and horses are particularly vivid. The sculpture hall displays miniatures of sculptures designed by Han Meilin for various cities over the years. You can visit them one by one here to see if you can find familiar impressions."