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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 3-6 hours
Address: No. 73, Diaowo Village, Pinggu District
Phone: 010-60987678 010-60987922

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1. Parking: Departure to the gate of the scenic spot, about 11:00 or more. Many people who go on weekends are a bit stuck in traffic. There is free parking at the door, but there is not much location. There is a 400 meters ahead of the scenic spot. There is a larger parking lot. 2. Route: It is recommended to take route 1, continue on the left side of Ruyiyuan Cableway, hike to Qicaichi, this road is slower, along the valley, shade, stream, the air is fresh and cool, relatively comfortable; and then take Longwangshan Cableway from Qicaichi to the observation deck; From the observation deck down the mountain to Ruyiyuan cableway, this road is more painful, exposure, steps, steep, it is estimated that the climb will be very tired; from Ruyiyuan cableway down the mountain directly to the scenic spot door. 3. Cost: Buy tickets separately: Tickets 68, observation deck 40, one-way ticket for the ropeway 100, ropeway round-trip 180, only tickets have a discount ticket; package 270 is not divided into children. The observation deck is not worth it. 4, dining: There is no restaurant on the mountain, there is a small shop, water 15 yuan, roasted sausage 6 yuan; two o'clock in the afternoon out of the scenic spot, in the nearby farmyard eat hot pot fish, the taste is OK, small river shrimp is not good. 5. There is also a children's playground at the entrance of the scenic spot. The child is old, did not play, a little sun. 6. After eating at 15:40, continue to walk 4km forward, go to the pear huagou leisure town, go to play a small pulley. One trip for 100 yuan includes a battery car and a small pulley, and 149 can play two. The small pulley is relatively easy, and it is fun to slide by gravity for 3km.

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Shilin Gorge is located in Beijing's Pinggu District. The scenic area includes all sorts of magnificent natural features such as deep gorges, towering cliffs, stone pillars and grand waterfalls. The scenic area is suitable for visitors of all ages and includes both a carousel and a giant waterslide. There are a number of resort villages and farmhouse restaurants near the scenic area. It is one of the best weekend getaways in suburban Beijing to escape the summer heat. Just outside the main gate of the scenic area are a number of resort villages providing lodging for visitors.
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