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Oak Mountain State ParkNearby City

Oak Mountain State Park

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"City Parks"
13.8 mi from Birmingham, Pelham
"A park that must not be missed-Oak Mountain State Park is the most comfortable choice if it is close to nature. After a long time in the city, it becomes more and more difficult to see the green plants, the greenery and parks in the city. It's a drop in the bucket. I still can't resist the noisy and impetuousness here. This place I found from the Internet this time is completely the place of choice, and I am completely fascinated. When I came to this park, I was stunned by the scenery here, because I didn’t sleep well at night and had a headache, and it was cured all at once. The scenery here really can’t be described as simply relaxed and happy, really It is so beautiful, the air is filled with the fragrance of green plants and soil, and it is full of green plants, occasionally a few small flowers dotted with green. Walking along the built trail, you can go up to the mountains here, and you can also overlook the spectacular scenery here. It is really beautiful. If you continue along the trail, you can also see a huge lake in the park. Although this lake is not so famous, it is very artistic here, and the lake is very clear, it is really a very comfortable park. One of my favorites in the park is probably the road paved with fallen leaves. Walking here is a very unique artistic conception, just like a gate through a fairy tale. The opening hours here are open all day, and no tickets are required. It is recommended to play for 3 hours."