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Lookout MountainNearby City

Lookout Mountain

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Ranked #5 in Chattanooga Can't Miss Attractions
130.1 mi from Birmingham, Chattanooga
"Overlooking the beauty of the seven states-Lookout mountain It was in Chattanooga that I really experienced the pastoral style of the United States, especially in Lookout mountain. This famous observation deck famous for "see seven states" made me linger! Food strategy: The cafe business on the top of the mountain here is simply not too hot. There are a variety of food, as well as cold local beer, wine, etc., eating food overlooking the beautiful city, especially enjoy! ! Play strategy: As soon as I saw it, I thought this was a particularly cool place. You can walk up there by yourself. The mountain road is very narrow, but we drove up by ourselves! Mountain roads are still more difficult to drive! It's a more exciting adventure! It was like a small community above, which subverted my imagination. I didn't expect it to be so lively above! There are a lot of small souvenirs in the shop. There is a rock city on it. We took a photo with these various strange rocks! And there is also a museum (dedicated to commemorate the Civil War) which is worth seeing! And there are many small caves here, walking into the cave is like walking into the world of fairy tales! Along the cave is the waterfall. In the past, the waterfall was viewed from the bottom up, but this time it was different. It was viewed from the top down! It is also a new experience! And there is a very big sign on the observation deck. A big rock says "see seven states" and I stood up and saw it. It really looked down to seven states, but it was still shocking. The setting sun sprinkled on the city below. In, the whole world has become golden! Especially beautiful! Reminder: remember to bring your binoculars, you can see more clearly, it is recommended to play for 3 hours"