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Amicalola Falls State ParkNearby City

Amicalola Falls State Park

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162.5 mi from Birmingham, Dawson County
"An unknown adventure came to the southern part of the United States. In addition to admiring the coastal scenery and classic historical scenic spots, it is to come here to see the distinctive state parks, Amicalola Falls State Park is one of them. The main slogan is also particularly attractive: "Colorful Wilderness Adventure". In the hot summer, I feel that the fastest thing is to play in the water. The biggest feature of this Amicalola Falls State Park is that it has many large and small waterfalls, which is a good place to cool off. Amicalola Falls State Park is just north of Dawsonville. Amicarola translates to "turbulent waters". There is a large group of waterfalls, which brings together seven small waterfalls. These seven are all located in Amicalola Falls State Park, with a total height of about 730 meters, which is the highest waterfall in Georgia. If you have time, I highly recommend everyone to take a walk around this waterfall. There are special paths for tourists to walk around, which can directly reach Springer Mountain on the south side of the Appalachian Trail. The scenery is also very beautiful. If you are interested, you can also camp in the park to experience the purity of nature. You can also walk for about 5 miles. There is the only country house in Georgia, where you can stay and dine. It is also very close to nature, making travel a different kind of fun."