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National Parks
Russell Cave National MonumentNearby City

Russell Cave National Monument

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"National Parks"
115.3 mi from Birmingham, Bridgeport
"Russel Cave National Monument (Russell Cave National Monument) is located in the U.S. Alabama (Alabama)-Tennessee (Tennessee) in the southern Bridgeport (Bridgeport) Russell Cave (Russell Cave) is an archaeological site, it It is one of the most complete records of prehistoric culture in the southeastern United States. It provides clues to the daily lives of early residents of North America dating back to 10,000 BC. The ancient Indians were the earliest humans in North America and the first to use Russell's cave. After about 1000 AD, because the local residents who used the cave as a temporary seasonal shelter established a permanent perennial village, after the Europeans arrived in the early 1500s, new settlers replaced the American Indian groups. The use of the Russell Cavern area has practically ceased. The cave was only used as a hunting camp sporadically before becoming private property in 1817. The Russell family once owned and named the cave. The cave site represents early cultural and social development and provides important evidence for how American Indians lived in the area for thousands of years. Picture 3: This picture reflects life in the cave 10,000 years ago, when the inhabitants lived in the cave during the winter months. Figures 6 and 7: About 5000 years ago, part of the entrance to Russel Cave collapsed to form a sanctuary. This cave is one of the archaeological sites in Russell Cave National Monument and the oldest and smaller in the southeastern United States The rock shelter in the cave, the flow bed at the bottom of the cave has water sources all year round, and the temperature in the cave is stable. Figure 8: There are still some traces of similar murals on the rock walls of the cave so far. Russel Cave National Monument was built on May 11, 1961 and covers an area of 310 acres. It was donated by the National Geographic Society. Diary of Overseas Epidemics Tennessee"