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City Parks
Lazar Lovaspark

Lazar Lovaspark

4.4/530 Reviews
"City Parks"
Ranked #4 in Budapest Great Urban Parks
19.4 mi from downtown
"As soon as we entered the park, Hungarians dressed in local national costumes brought home-brewed wine, fruit wine and desserts to entertain everyone. Before watching the equestrian show, you will cruise down the entire estate in a carriage! This carriage is different from the ones we used to ride. It's so retro and nostalgic. It's a tin carriage, which can hold about 10 people in a stack! After that, we saw the purest traditional European equestrian show. The horseman drove five to seven horses across two horses to enter the arena, sitting on a horse without a saddle, performing archery, and waving a long whip to drive the horses to sit and lie down. , Lying and other difficult movements. The last supper was enjoyed in the restaurant inside the manor. Unique restaurant, in the music of gypsies (of course this is a tip), slurping Hungarian dishes (three-course dinner) and drinking Hungarian wine. The appetizer is quaint soup! The cauldron is served directly, we are a table of four, so the amount is huge! The appetizer is also the foie gras salad. The foie gras here is very dry and hard, like pork liver, which is incomparable to lunch! The wine is free to drink on the table! The main dish is the meat in front of us, which scared us to death. There are fried chicken, roasted duck legs, trotters and so on. There are side dishes on the left and right, sour and spicy, which can relieve greasy! It's dead!"