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Levuka Historical Port Town

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The beautiful port town of Levuka is the birthplace of Fijian civilization. A rather spectacular white church sits at the foot of the mountain and is in front of a wide football field. The church is surrounded by mountains and the sea, with a red and white appearance, making it holy and beautiful. On the hills in the distance, the sunlight penetrated the clouds and hit the white cross. It is unknown whether these people have received the blessing of the gods to live such a happy life in this elegant environment. The distant sea was glowing with golden waves. Occasionally, vehicles pass by the small road, full of cheers and laughter. Twilight enveloped the entire island of Taveuni, and the roads where traffic was passing through the day suddenly turned into silence. Under the gradually clear starry sky, occasional passing vehicles, draw a beautiful light and shadow, weaving the charming night of Taveunila.