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Imperial GardenNearby City

Imperial Garden

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74.7 mi from Chicheng, Beijing
"The Palace Museum Garden is located in the northernmost part of Ouchi on the axis of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is called the Palace Garden in Ming Dynasty and the Royal Garden in Qing Dynasty. It was built in 18 years (1420) of Yongle in Ming Dynasty. It has been added to the building since then. The main building in the park is the heavy dome style, located on the north-south axis of the Forbidden City, centering on it, pavilions are paved in the front and on both sides. The garden is a garden with a symmetrical layout of the center. The middle road is a courtyard with the Zhongyue Recording Top and the Jinbaoping of the Shang'an. The East Road is basically symmetrical, and the buildings of the East Road are stacked hideyama gokei Tei, rakumodo, ukibi Tei, manshun Tei, and koyuki Cho, and the buildings of the West Road are enterikaku, iyuki, sumizutei, chiaki Tei, yokoku CHO, and four gods CHO, iotei, and Kadai. Most of these buildings are for recreation or worship of Buddha, only from the time of Qianlong, the row storage of "Four Library Total Books" for the emperor to look up. The building is more than wall, only a few exquisitely shaped pavilions in the garden, space is wide. The garden is full of ancient cypress, the jade seat of the stone, the bronze statue of gold foil, the potted flower pile scenery, added the landscape changes in the garden, enriched the landscape layer. Royal garden floor with various pebbles inlay into the symbol of the blessing, the cypress, the life, rich and colorful. The famous Duixiu Mountain is the place where the Double-Yang Festival in the palace is high, the unique stacking stone, the winding road, under the stone carvings dragon spray water, the building of the Royal Pavilion, can look around the scenery."