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Shimin SquareNearby City

Shimin Square

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50.5 mi from Chicheng, Zhangjiakou
"🙋 Hi, hello, I am a watery, an interior designer, love travel, photography 📸, outdoor sports 🏂, like to live in a special hotel and B&B 🏘. Record the bits and pieces of the journey with a camera. I wish that the soul and body always have a road, reading the beautiful scenery, feeling the vast mountains and rivers, and sharing this colorful world with you ❤️. As a city of ice and snow ❄️, the Olympic city of Zhangjiakou 🏙, how can there be no professional high-end indoor ice skating rink 🏟. Now it is finally possible to skate for 365 days 🎉. The indoor area of the ice skating rink used as a professional training place can also be opened to the public 🎊. 🏟 ice rink introduction: ✔️ The area of the ice rink is 800 square meters, which exceeds the area of ice rink of many chain brands in first-tier cities 👍. ✔️ There is a professional ice-clearing car to clean the ice surface at a fixed time to ensure that the ice surface is smooth 👍✔️ Tickets can provide ice skates ⛸, shoes are very new and clean, and the value of the face is also very high 👍✔️ There is a leisure area, you can provide milk tea 🍵, drinks 🥤, snacks 🍿, parents with children can rest here 👍✔️ There is a change area. Free lockers, shoes can be changed on bench 🧥. ✔️ There is a professional coach 👨 (need to consult in advance), there is also a skating training course, hockey training course, you can consult 👍 for systematic learning. ‼️ Note: 🎈 Beginners must bring protective equipment 🧤, especially knee pads, ice falls very painful, children suggest a full set of equipment. 🎈 Prepare for exercise 🏃 before sliding, so as not to pull 🎈 Recommend to bring disposable socks 🧦, keep hygiene 🎈 Slip along the direction of the crowd, so as not to collide 📍 Location: opposite the south gate of Zhangjiakou Citizen Square, Ice Dream Skating Rink (Parking at the door) 🕐 Open time: 13:30—15:00 (Will change the opening hours every month, consult in advance before going) 💰 Ticket price: 68 yuan per person on weekdays, 78 yuan per person on weekends (currently only can buy tickets at the ice rink) ‼️ Pay attention to me, understand more about the ice rink, and then there will be special tickets to launch #Where to go on weekends #Leisure Good places #Vocabulary free play Card Recommended Citizen Square"