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Baiquan MountainNearby City

Baiquan Mountain

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52.2 mi from Chicheng, Beijing
"Baiquan Mountain is named after the legend of Baiquan Fairy. The depth of the scenic spot is 7.5 kilometers. Hundreds of mountain springs are hidden in the mountains, making the canyons and streams continue to flow. Baiquan Mountain has four characteristics: one show (mountain show), two odd (peak odd), three beauty (water beauty), and four uniqueness (gujue). Entering the scenic spot, the beauty of Xiushan Mountain is like the south of the Yangtze River, one step at a time, which is intriguing. The strange cliffs and rocks are unique in shape, one cliff has one appearance, one stone has one scene, which makes people imagine endlessly. Brilliant. Legend has it that springs are formed wherever Baiquan Fairy's fingers pass, making Baiquan Mountain full of springs and water everywhere, forming various landscapes such as springs, pools, waterfalls, streams, and rivers. , Ding Dong has a rhyme. There are Tianhe Waterfall, Luohan Waterfall, Huitian Waterfall and Feitian Waterfall. The famous springs include Leyu Spring, Qinglong Spring, Zhiyu Spring, Notre Dame Spring, Yuxian Spring, etc. There is a waterfall hanging from the top of the cliff at the back of the scenic spot, with a drop of more than 60 meters. . This waterfall has continuous water flow in spring, summer and autumn, and forms a huge ice hanging in winter, which is spectacular. There are countless kiwifruit trees in the Jingjing Macaque Valley. At the end of Baiquan Mountain, a beautiful and spectacular green valley is formed, covering the valley like a large green net. There are also hawthorn, wild pear, hazelnut, sour jujube, mulberry, and countless real numbers are rare."