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Bagui TombsNearby City

Bagui Tombs

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Ranked #5 in Minyue Can't Miss Attractions
33.7 mi from Qilian, Minyue
"Discovered in the late 1960s, and investigated by the Cultural Bureau of Zhangye District in 1975. The tomb complex covers an area of 2.46 million square meters. Judging from the tombs discovered on the hillside, there are brick-roofed tombs, earth cave tombs and urn coffins. The tomb structure has single room and double room. The unearthed artifacts from the tombs are rich, including various types of pottery, bronze, wood, etc. There are also pottery stoves, pots, basins, cups, etc. and coins of the Han Dynasty-Dabu Huangqian, a knife equals five thousand, half two, five Baht money etc. In particular, the coin of the Western Han Dynasty, "A flat for five thousand" is a rare treasure of ancient coins. In archaeological investigations, it was also found that some of the tombs were painted with murals. The murals featured heaven, nebula, sun and moon, four gods, Nuwa, and birds as the main content. They were drawn with ink lines and colored with cinnabar, earth red, and stone blue. .   The Baguaying tomb complex is an important remains from the Western Han Dynasty to the Wei and Jin Dynasties in Gansu. The tombs are distributed in a wide area, with many types of tombs, and abundant funerary objects, and they are well preserved. It is not only of great value for the staging of Han tombs in the Han Dynasty archaeology in Gansu, but also provides an important physical basis for studying the political, economic, cultural and social conditions of the Hexi area in the Han Dynasty.  The Baguaying tombs are included in the Baguaying city site of the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units."