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Xianmi National Forest Park

Xianmi National Forest Park

4.5/549 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Menyuan Can't Miss Attractions
19.3 mi from downtown
"Xianmi National Forest Park is the largest forest area in Qinghai Province. The park is located 30 kilometers east of Menyuan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, covering Dongchuan, Xianmi and Zhugu Towns, Menyuan County, 55 kilometers north-south, 95 kilometers east-west, total land area 14.8 million hectares. The park was approved as a provincial forest park in 1996 and upgraded to a national forest park in 2003. Due to the influence of the Qilian Mountains, the Xianmi Forest Park is rich in surface water and groundwater resources, and is the source of several Yellow River water systems in the south and many inland water systems in the north. Xianmi Forest Park is located in the confluence of Lenglongling and Dabanshan mountain systems in Qilian, and is composed of mountains, canyons, qifeng, cliffs and karst caves. Influenced by the two mountain systems of Lenglongling and Dafanshan and Datong River, the natural geography conditions are unique, the ecosystem is diverse, and the landscape resources such as biology, geoculture, hydrology, heavenly and humanities are abundant and beautiful. Old and vigorous primitive forest, vast plateau meadow, scenic alpine lake, deep and dangerous ditch, brave and daring streams and rivers, historic Tibetan Buddhism, vast and profound Huahe culture, quaint and exotic folk customs, intoxicating and unreturnable."