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Fasanenschlosschen MoritzburgNearby City

Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg

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8.2 mi from Dresden, Moritzburg
"Wandering in the fairy tale Moritzburg, strolling in the charming Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg, I have visited the magnificent Moritzburg, and I always feel unsatisfied. I walked along the boulevard to the charming Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg (Little Pheasant Palace). I really like its architectural style. I always feel a kind of intimacy. This fairy-tale world has brought me too many surprises. [Castle architectural style and decoration] Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg (Little Pheasant Palace) is very attractive to me because of its copper roof. The hood-like appearance is very similar to the Chinese architectural style. It pays tribute to the Chinese style, and I feel a sense of pride. Feeling cordial. The decoration of the wall curtain is even more unique, I can see that it is decorated with feathers, pearls and straw, which is quite exquisite. The most commendable thing is the embroideries in the decoration, obviously with Chinese style, the embroidery is vivid and wonderful. [The Treasure of the Town Palace] The Treasure of the Town Palace in the Little Pheasant Palace is a group of figures permeated with strong Chinese style. It is telling a lively and interesting story. Looking at the dressing and behavior in the story, it should have happened in the Qing Dynasty. The story, but the head of the main character is skewed, you can judge the specific wind direction at that time. The characters are vivid and vivid, with ingenuity and connotation. I did not expect that there are so many Chinese elements here, which is really rare. [Finally, I want to emphasize something~] The Little Pheasant Palace is a good place for walking. You can spend 30 minutes leisurely sightseeing, and then take a walk in the nearby forest trails. This process will be very pleasant, maybe during a walk You can still see the swan, feel it with your heart."