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Snow valleyBusiness Suspended

Snow valley

4.6/5321 Reviews
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"Snow Mountains"
Ranked #2 in Wuchang Can't Miss Attractions
119.6 mi from downtown
"Very good small village, friends recommended, and very close to Xuexiang, I give you some small suggestions. ⭐️ Wear advice ⭐️ Blouse: Warmwear, down jacket or grab jacket, down jacket or cotton jacket pants: Warm pants, snow-free pants or ski pants. Shoes: Thick hiking shoes or ski-proof floor shoes. Accessories: hats, gloves, masks, collars, thermos cups, warm baby. (People who are afraid of cold can appropriately add one) 👇 Line itinerary 👇✈️ Day 1: Guangzhou ~ Harbin (Aircraft ➕ Accommodation Central Street) 🚶‍♀️ Day 2: Central Street ~ Sophia Church ~ Gogol Street ~ Songhua River ~ Sun Island ~ Ice and Snow World. (Eat ➕ shopping ➕ taking a photo) 🎿 3rd day: Harbin ~ Snow Valley (skiing ➕ self-driving snowmobiling) 🧗🏻‍♂️ 4th day: Snow Valley ~ Xuexiang (Marla Crawling ➕ Snowmobiling) 🌄 5th day: Xuexiang ~ Harbin ~ Guangzhou (watching sunrise ➕ going home) 👇 Accommodation reservation 👇 Harbin: Home Makkai Le Shop ~219/Daily (Standard Room) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Xuegu: Xuegu Mahua Inn ~119/Daily (Torch) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Xuexiang: Zhou Dajie Folk ~280/Daily (Torch) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Note: fixed the Xuegu Mahua Inn, the rest are Xiaoma help to book. 👇 Traffic 👇🚌 Harbin ~ Snow Valley: 100/person (6 am ~ 11 noon) 🏔 Snow Valley ~ Xuexiang: 50/piece of checked baggage, 10/piece of marathon crawl 100/5 km, snowmobile 300/5 km (or half 150) 🚌 Xuexiang ~ Harbin: 100/person (7 o'clock/12 o'clock~12 o'clock/6 o'clock) 👇Tickets👇Xuegu~Xuexiang(Walking Tickets)40/person Xuexiang Big Ticket: 115➕5=120(Xuexiang Tickets 115➕Reverse Station 5)Wuxiling Tickets: 400/person (and 170 amusement parks have not gone) 👇Experience Northeast Features👇Xuegu: bonfire party, Bao Duzi, folk costume photos, net red fireworks photos (all the above items are provided by free snow valley Mahua Inn) Xuexiang: big song performance (free) 100 people bonfire (free) two people turn (100 people) Harbin: Liu Laogen Grand Stage (150 people) 👇 gourmet 👇 snow valley: chicken mushrooms, Pork porridge noodles, pickled goose, Northeast Shuiyu Xuexiang: pot-wrapped meat, meat-slip section, roasted cold noodles, Northeast Dalapi Harbin: Matil ice cream, Russian Western restaurant, Laochang spring cake, Harshida night market (specially recommended food)"