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TSS Earnslaw SteamshipNearby City

TSS Earnslaw Steamship

4.6/5218 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3640 reviews
"Boat Tours"
Ranked #3 in Queenstown Can't Miss Attractions
14.6 mi from Gibbston, Queenstown
"If you don't take a steamboat once in Queenstown, you will definitely regret it. More than one hundred and fifty years ago, Queenstown developed rapidly due to the gold rush. Before road traffic was established, shipping on the lake supported the town’s transportation, especially the steamship, which was larger than a sailboat. The vast majority of daily necessities and cargo transportation even carry gold prospectors carrying large amounts of gold. More than one hundred years later, with the opening of the highway, the steamship fleet on the lake has withdrawn from the stage of history, but the Earnslaw, which was launched in the same year as the Titanic, has always remained the same. This year, she welcomed her 104-year-old. birthday. So far, almost no one walks on the pier in Queenstown who will not treat her gracefully. After boarding the ship, I could not wait to go to the middle of the cabin to watch the workers shovel coal into the boiler one by one. You know, this is the only coal-fired steamship in the entire southern hemisphere. What’s fun is that the staff told me, don’t look at the steam boat with billowing black smoke. Although it is actually black, it is not dirty because the black smoke is filtered through layers before it is emitted. For this reason, the steam boat has been awarded an environmental protection Jackpot. When we arrived on the ship, almost everyone ran up to the bow to pose in the classic Titanic style. I couldn't avoid it, and opened my arms to face the cold wind. More than half an hour of sailing, accompanied by endless snow-capped mountains, is really refreshing. On the second day of boarding, I just ran into a double rainbow on the way from Queenstown to Green Lodge. Looking at it again, isn’t it the steamship between the two rainbows? I quickly took out my mobile phone and snapped a beautiful photo of the boat traveling in Nizhong. At that moment, I suddenly felt that this one-hundred-year-old senior beauty, who had witnessed the vicissitudes of the past one hundred years, will surely carry the new century-old story and continue to be beautiful. Earnslaw is not a female classmate without a story."
AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Bungee CenterNearby City

AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Bungee Center

4.5/5109 Reviews
"Bungee Jumping"
Ranked #6 in Queenstown Can't Miss Attractions
3 mi from Gibbston, Queenstown
"I tried bungee jumping once in my lifetime, and I had to make an appointment in advance to register, and then arrived at the designated time, weighed, signed a life and death status, and went to the bridge to line up. It was very cold and windy on the bridge. I waited for a long time and it was frozen like a dog. It is recommended that people who want to go can wear more clothes. When I was in line, I didn't meet a small Chinese partner. There were more young people in Europe and the United States. I was joking and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. I was very nervous and in sharp contrast with them. Finally it was my turn, the staff immediately said a few words in Chinese, called me buyaopa, and then asked me yaobuyaoshui? I didn't react the next time, and it took a few seconds to realize that he was asking me if I should touch the water when I went down. Haha, I said no water, and my brain was blank. After all the safety measures have been taken, you will slowly move to the edge of the platform. There are photo spots where the staff will make you wave and smile, but you really can’t laugh at this time. Seeing that I was rather stunned, the working guy asked me if I needed a push, and I said that I would dance by myself. At this time, I couldn’t translate it in English. Don't hesitate next, as soon as you close your eyes, you jump down. The descent speed is too fast, and I bottomed out before I could yell. When I bounced, my body would involuntarily spin around wildly. This was a bit dizzy, and it was over after ten seconds. There will be a small boat stretching towards you towards the olive branch, you just need to grab it, and the two rowing brothers on the boat will chat with you. My companion helped me to record the whole video. She said why you didn't say a word... After the end, there was no discomfort. The towel on the feet was tied very well, and there was no feeling of pulling at all. One jump is more than 1,000 yuan, and there are more than 200 photos and videos. It’s just that the heart before the jump will be scared. It’s just like overcoming the fear and jumping. It’s not scary as you imagined, so don’t hesitate on the platform. The more you drag, the more you are afraid. . I have experienced bungee jumping once in my life, and it feels worthwhile."