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Pigeon IslandNearby City

Pigeon Island

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Ranked #7 in Trincomalee Can't Miss Attractions
140.3 mi from Negombo, Nilaveli
"Sri Lanka is exempt! 8 days and 7 nights per capita 5000 niche most comprehensive strategy! Sri Lanka, I would like to call her Ceylon! hailed as "Tears on the Indian Ocean", with super rich tourist resources! Also has been selected by many famous travel magazines as the world's first choice travel destination, the world's most romantic one of the five travel destinations! Today bloggers focus on a cost-effective, unconventional circuit, experience of the super rich play to everyone! You may not know her before today, but believe me, whether it is from historical sites to uninhabited islands, from the thousands and thousands of sea trains to alpine tea gardens, or from the millennium of Buddhism to wildlife, Sri Lanka will certainly satisfy you who love to travel! Be sure to read the following points, make you play more like the local people less beautiful sub-book holy place - Tinco Mali pigeon island than Meresa, I prefer Tinco Mali, the sky is blue and clear, because there are few Asians visiting, all the way by the local people are shy and polite hope to take a photo! Thanks for meeting the good divers and showing us a dive resort that is not open to tourists! countless corals, groups of colorful fish! Here, probably rent a boat, go out to sea, dive, drink, life to wave come and come, here, you will unconsciously laugh! Visiting the historical capital Anuradhapura is a cultural ancient city with more than 2,000 years of history. Now it is a dynasty under the ruins. On the 40-degree floor, barefooted in this once bustling capital Anuradhapura! The retro train must be punched on the mountain and the sea and the sea train of thousands and thousands of thousands of the sea is bold enough to hang out, absolutely enough cool enough exciting, along the way will pass a lot of big trees, must pay attention to safety! The building owner all the way open hang haha laugh, because it is so cool! The wildlife group that you can experience without going to Africa -Yala National Park! pack a Jeep per capita as long as 200RMB, here you can meet countless wildlife! This lucky 3 times Ceylon leopard and countless elephants and other animals! If you can, take a local car and, even in a crowded, seatless, air-conditioned environment, the locals still look at the super-high road with books in hand: Day 1: Colombo-Niganbuza Anuradepler Day 2: Anuradepler Patrincomari Day 3: Boat trip to the sea pigeon island Day 4: Tinco Mari Sigiriya (Lion Rock) Condi (Buddha Temple) Day 5: Conti Nuwar Elija (World Black Tea Garden) Dat 6: Nuwar Elija (World End Horton Plains) (Alpine Tea Garden Train) Eli Tisithammerhara (Yala) Day 7: Mattel Tsai Mesa Tsai Galle Day 8: Galle Galle (Thousand and Thousand Search Sea Trains) Tsai Colombo"