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Coconut Tree HillNearby City

Coconut Tree Hill

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96 mi from Negombo, Mirissa
"Sri Lanka • Meirish | Super niche Maple Forest You are the MV hostess!!! See if there is a feeling jio on the cover of the cover of the admiration micro (MV)? There is ~~~ good! Anyway, I think I am a female script, ... Maybe I am too intoxicated with my world. I played here for half an afternoon. So I will force the niche Amway to punch the card. Coconut Tree Hill The maple forest is located in the eastern part of the Meresa Bay in Sri Lanka. It is a small seagull in the Indian Ocean. There is a small maple forest on the hill. There are three facing the sea. There are many big reefs by the sea. The scenery is superb! The sea breeze is very severe! There are fewer people in the maple forest! ! Free of charge! ! Wind cool! ! Out of the picture! ! Beautiful! ! ! ~ How can I get there? After Miresa, Google Map searched [secret beach] to find the general direction, remember to cross the hotel alley on the coast, reach the beach, follow the road sign and go! What is the mouth for? Ask, the next bar staff must know! Good ~ Recommended play method Suggests to go to the birch forest after 15:00, it will not be too hot, and not too many people. If you wait until the sun is coming down, it will be covered by European and American friends! They are really parties, yoga, drinking, show muscles. Here you can take pictures of the concave shape, not just against the ins wind, bold concave shape! Sitting on the reef by the sea to watch the sunset, the photos taken are also very feeling Oh! Note sun protection sun protection! ! ! Don't be bald like me ~ Bali coastal area is very hot, it is not suitable to go out at noon, it is really hot, go out to eat a meal almost scorched. Sunscreen hats, long sleeve clothes all made ~~ Miresa is just one of the stops on the clockwise loop line in Sri Lanka. Train: Niganbu-Sigiriye-Kandi-Way of Tea Garden-Nuvoler Eliye-Horton Plain Train: Take the (Nuwar Eliye-El) Alpine Train charter: Tishermoharamer Town-Yara National Park-Miresa-Galle-Colombo to continue to break up Sri Lankan attractions"