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St. Sebastian’s Church

St. Sebastian’s Church

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
Ranked #11 in Negombo Can't Miss Attractions
2.4 mi from downtown
"[St Sebastian's Church] (St Sebastian's Church) is located on Sea St., a Gothic church, arguably the most beautiful church in Negombo. It was opened on February 2, 1936. The archbishop of Colombo, Peter Mackay, carried out the foundation laying ceremony. It was designed by Father G. Gannon. It was originally built completely imitating the Cathedral of Reims, France. Later, due to insufficient funds, the height had to be lowered. At the door you can see the old and young believers bowing down. In the early morning, casually walking around the church, scattered tourists, because it was Saturday, the church was full of worshippers. We arrived at the church of San Sebastian. When you enter the yard, you can see that it occupies a little larger area. The entire passage is full of crows grabbing food, rushing for breakfast frantically. Not only are there many people praying in the church in the morning, but there are also women praying in front of the statue of Jesus in the courtyard. The uniformly dressed children prayed sincerely and earnestly. Every time they passed before Jesus, they would put their hands together and bow before continuing to do other things. The sun was shining outside, but the breeze inside the church was very comfortable. Here, the human mind seems to have a moment of peace. It is best not to enter the church with strapless suspenders. The pants and skirts should be longer than the knees, but no one will stop you from entering. On the contrary, they will beckon you and welcome you to share their beliefs. Local believers will take off their shoes and enter again. Tourists are not prohibited from wearing shoes, but it is enough to witness their piety."