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Belvedere Lookout

Belvedere Lookout

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"Observation Decks"
326m from downtown
"The Belvedere Lookout (Belvedere Lookout), a treasure in the South Pacific, is beautifully landscaped. My wife and I drove there. We booked the tour through the online group report, and the visa and other things were done through our travel agency, so we don't need to worry about the whole process. We picked up the car at our hotel (Sofitel) and then descended about one kilometer along the road from the main road to Belvedere. Hiking is another way to see Belvedere and other beautiful scenery in Caldeira, Moorea. We hiked along a dirt road for a while, and then proceeded along a trail. To my surprise, this trail is well maintained and has opened paths in certain places. Overall the road conditions are good and the roads are clean and clean. After a few kilometers and gaining considerable altitude, we stopped on the Three Coconut Mountain overlooking the foothills to the west of Belvedere, which was only accessible on foot. There you can enjoy the beautiful views of Rotui Mountain, Tohivea Mountain, Mouaroa Mountain, Caldeira Valley, Cook's and Opunohu Bay. It is really called Yima Pingchuan, with a broad vision. The entire viewing platform is small and can only have a place, but the viewing angle provided is very wide, looking at the green of the virgin forest and the blue of the sea and sky. The mood is expanded and relaxed. We continue to have lunch at the next stop, Belvedere, and enjoy the beauty of the valley, bay and mountains. The next stop is the Sansong Summit, another observation deck northeast of Belvedere, which can only be reached on foot. Then, we hiked along the pineapple plantation and returned to the starting point, which is the hotel where we stayed. This is an arduous hike, with a significant increase in altitude, especially in high temperature and high humidity conditions. But hiking and admiring the scenery are definitely enjoyable. Tips: 1. It is recommended to report to the group, saving time and effort. 2. Prepare comfortable jackets, hiking shoes, etc."