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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,University of Pennsylvania

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,University of Pennsylvania

4.5/534 Reviews
Ranked #9 in Philadelphia Can't Miss Attractions
1.5 mi from downtown
"A university hides a top museum, reflecting the world-leading side of American universities. The Penn Museum (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) is famous in the archaeological world. I am surprised that it was established as early as 1887. I am also surprised that it has a collection of 1 million pieces. I am even more surprised that the dome exhibition hall in the museum center is left with Chinese cultural relics. In many aspects such as ancient bronzes, tomb stone carvings, Buddhist sculptures and temple murals, Penn is a leader in overseas museums and has led the collection of Chinese art in North America. The Chinese academic circles in North America even invented the term "Chinese Rotunda", which specifically refers to the art treasures collected under the main dome of the Penn Museum. Please forgive my vulgarity, love shining jewellery more than the surrounding Buddha statues. Turning around the small watermelon big crystal ball placed in the middle of the hall, the reflection of the scenery opposite is reflected through the crystal ball, which is magical and interesting, no wonder Cixi loves it so much. For offering and rewarding, I also choose "playing reward". The most noticed exhibits by Chinese people are the two sacred horses from the Zhaoling Tomb of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. The Saluzi and Fist of Fist on display in the Stele Forest Museum in Xi’an, my country, are replicas made of plaster and cement. These two heavyweight cultural relics are purchased by Penn University from the multinational antique dealer Lu Qinzhai. The Egyptian collection of the Penn Museum is considered to be one of the best in the world. The collection contains a large number of statues, mummies and reliefs, the most famous The granite sphinx of Ramses II weighing 13 tons, the tower in its collection, is very eye-catching. Tickets are 15 dollars for adults; 13 dollars for 65 and over; 10 dollars for 6-17 years old; free for under 5 years old. (There is a discount during the summer vacation, the ticket is 10 dollars when I go) * Visiting time, at least 1.5 hours. Love art, more than 2 hours."