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Nature Reserves
Honghe Nature ReserveNearby City

Honghe Nature Reserve

4.6/515 Reviews
"Nature Reserves"
Ranked #5 in Jiamusi Amazing Natural Scenery
145 mi from Hulin, Jiamusi
"Honghe Nature Reserve has a humid temperate climate along the Three Rivers, with obvious temperate monsoon climate characteristics, with long winters, severe cold and snow, spring with little wind and rain, hot summers, and short autumns. The annual average temperature is 1.9℃, and the average temperature of the coldest month is -23.4. ℃, the average temperature of the hottest month is 22.4℃, the extreme minimum temperature is -39.1℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 40℃, ≥10℃, the effective accumulated temperature is 2165-2624℃, and the sunshine hours are 2356 hours. The average annual rainfall is 585mm, and 50%-70% of the precipitation is concentrated in July to September. Heavy rains are mostly concentrated in summer, and the maximum daily rainfall can reach 75mm. The average evaporation for many years is 1166mm. There are more northwest winds throughout the year, and southwest winds are frequent during the growth period of plants. The annual average wind speed is level 4 and the maximum wind speed can reach 24m/s. The annual freezing period is about 7 months, the frozen layer of swamp vegetation is 80-160mm deep, and the maximum frozen soil depth is 2.0-2.2mm. Generally, the early frost appears in late September, and the final frost appears in mid-May. The frost-free period is 114-150 days, and the average frost-free period for many years is 131 days. 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]"