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Yupingshan ResortNearby City

Yupingshan Resort

4.7/514 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Hongya Can't Miss Attractions
20.8 mi from Emeishan, Hongya
"Yuqin Mountain is the destination of China's forest rehabilitation and was once selected as the "Most Beautiful Forest Campground" by the "Green Times". The mountain road more than ten kilometers away from the ancient town of Liujiang has a two-lane road with guardrails. Be careful to slow down when you turn. It was summer when we went and it was very cool. Simply put, it is a place to eat, drink and play in the forest. Yukun Mountain has a forest coverage of up to 90%, so the air quality is very good! There are a lot of things to play in the scenic area, including fee-based glass planks, gliding, climbing, etc., as well as many free projects. Adults and children have fun. Going to Yuyang Mountain is suitable for staying in the scenic spot for a day or two. There are many characteristic rooms, such as exquisite cabins, bird's nests, suites and so on. We live in a single-family villa with two bedrooms and one living room. The single-family villa in the forest is particularly interesting. The price is low and there will be discounts to avoid the peak period of July and August. Many tourists bring their own tents and have fun camping on the lawn. The scenic area charges a management fee of tens of yuan. It is recommended to eat a farm restaurant outside the mountain gate. There are many free-range chickens, which taste good. There are both Chinese and Western food in the scenic area, delicious but expensive. It is more cost-effective to go to the food stalls in the scenic area to eat snacks. The scenic area sells a lot of snacks, not bad. In short, this time the family went to visit the ancient town of Liujiang River and lived in Yuqi Mountain for two days and had a great time! see you next year! Beautiful Hongya!"