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Historic Sites
Jiajiang Qianfo CliffNearby City

Jiajiang Qianfo Cliff

4.2/5114 Reviews
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"Historical Sites"
Ranked #1 in Jiajiang Can't Miss Attractions
11 mi from Emeishan, Jiajiang
"Long ago the heart of the Qianfo cliff, located in the Jiajiang Qingyi River, and Guangyuan Qianfo cliff echo, of course, not as famous as the latter. It is built as a scenic spot together with Dongfeng Fengyi, which is the most famous attraction in Jiajiang. It will not be disappointing, nor will it be too stunning. 1. Location: southwest of Jiajiang, east of Qingyi River, you can drive directly to the gate of the scenic spot, not need to park in the scenic parking lot in advance. 2. Open 9-5. 3. Price: 50 yuan per person, price is well matched with actual value. 4. Watch points: 1. The gateway is an ancient town built, there is a Jiajiang Cultural Museum = Jiajiang County Museum, which tells the historical development and economic and social aspects of Jiajiang, you can understand the scenery of Qianfo cliff and Dongfeng, it is worth learning and then visiting. There are specialty sales in town, Jiajiang rich in Xuan paper, porcelain, sugarcane and tea, because close to Emei Mountain, Tianfu Tea Garden tea taste good, you can buy some taste. 2. In the door can see Dongfengyu Hydrological Station, next to a small waterfall, is actually the water from the dike. 3. The cliff of the thousand Buddha is mainly the inscription wall of the Buddha's gravel and the literati's saucy visitors of the dynasties, and thousands of Buddha's inscription on the red sandstone wall is spectacular. Unfortunately, the Cultural Revolution almost destroyed the Buddha's head, the headless Buddha lacks the essence, let people be stung; The inscription of the slugger is mostly good, many poems are also quite good, but lack of famous family, so not famous. 4. Close to the Qingyi River, the river scenery Cuibi happy, the river cool and clear people, climbing the Great View Mountain, can bird's eye view of the east wind, the wind and sun, must be a good scenery. 5. The scenic area is the Dongfengyu Hydrological Museum at the end, and once again details the history of Dongfengyu's construction and Jiajiang specialties. This county is very good at marketing its own brand, one by one, echoing each other, deepening the impression. Four-star recommendation, worth a special trip to the place."
LuomuzhenNearby City


4.2/549 Reviews
"Ancient Towns"
Ranked #4 in Leshan Ancient Towns and Villages
6.3 mi from Emeishan, Leshan
"Under Mount Emei, the Buddhist holy site, there is a thousand-year-old town-Luomu Ancient Town. This ancient town has not been over-developed and still maintains a lot of original ecology. It is only about 8 kilometers away from Baoguo Temple in Emei Mountain. It is free and open. It is definitely your way to the foot of Mount Emei. A place worth checking in. Luomu Ancient Town is also known as Qinglongchang. The ancient town has not undergone large-scale renovation, and its ancient charm still exists. The primitive features of the ancient houses are displayed here, and these houses are still inhabited today. Along the streets paved with bluestone slabs, on both sides are old wooden houses with carved dragons and phoenixes. The door is a wooden door with an unpainted upper channel, and a window frame with wooden lattice strips. Each room is slender, with a long corridor, and there are small rooms on both sides of which are used for purposes, with small patios and full of moss. This year, Luomu Ancient Town in Emeishan City has been upgraded and built. The quaint traditional houses in Western Sichuan, the quiet tea-horse road Qingshiban alley, and the charming historical and cultural wall paintings. Stroll in Luomu Ancient Town and stroll along the quaint streets along the colorful oil paper. Under the umbrella, you can feel the rich atmosphere of the ancient town, and the poetry and picturesqueness emerge spontaneously, which is refreshing."
Caoyu BeachNearby City

Caoyu Beach

3.9/518 Reviews
"Historical Sites"
Ranked #10 in Hongya Can't Miss Attractions
27.6 mi from Emeishan, Hongya
"Recently, I am in a bad mood, I want to walk near Meishan, near the place big and small Heilong Beach, Sansuyu, Fairy Lake, Qingcheng Mountain have been to, I heard that Hongyacao fish beach is not bad has not been here, there is still a few scenic spots in Meishan Cambodia, finally in these two days have time. In fact, on the review of good or bad people said, I want to say their most true feelings. Distance: We left Meishan and drove for an hour and a half to the attractions. The Qingyi River on the way makes people see very comfortable. On the left side of the attraction, there is a big and small homestay. On the right is the place to enjoy the scenery and drink tea. It is slightly cool and comfortable with the lake wind. We row under the boat. On the mountain climbing, the mountainside eats river fish and plays mahjong for tea, three or five friends, really good price: I don't know the bus, we drive the car, the attractions are not money, just accommodation and eating money. A friend has come, recommended "Wuyuan Hotel" accommodation: This hotel really made me have a great change to the ordinary homestay. I usually feel that as long as I have fun, I will live outside. But my friend recommended this hotel, it doesn't look like a miscellaneous hotel outside, wow, I was really surprised to walk in, it was spacious, like a small foreign house, all floors were clean and the walls were white, I thought there was no good hotel in this place, let alone the picture above! Food: Come to this place to eat Yayu, I eat in this place, the boss is very intimate use a fish two do practices, a burning spicy fish slices, a boiled soup, simply tonic!!! The boss said that their Yayu is qualified in the lake wild, come to eat, really white. Finally: I really want to bring my boyfriend next time, if I have a boyfriend."