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Bude Forest

Bude Forest

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3.9 mi from downtown
" A good place to visit Emei Mountain is to see the Fenglin, often there will be ancient trees planting on the edge of the big temple. In the outer circle of Fuhu Temple there is a maple forest, called Bujin Forest, also called Huxi Fenglin. [Sights Raiders] Detailed address: Bujinlin, located between Emeishan Baoguo Temple and Fuhu Temple in Sichuan, is one of the four tsunenori forests of Emei Mountain, the Wannian Temple and the Xixiang Lake around the tsunenori forest, but in the middle and high areas of Emei, traffic is more inconvenient. Traffic Raiders: Self-driving in the past can directly park near Fuhu Temple Fuhu Road, walk to Fuhu Temple on the road can see a large area of lush forest. Open time: 24 hours ticket price: free tour of Bujinlin, if it is to Fuhu Temple, you have to charge a few yuan tickets. Highlight feature: The area of the forest is quite large, from the Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple to Luofeng Temple this area is all. It is a very pious process that the monks of the Qing Dynasty played and the monks planted trees and trees in the "Mahayana Sutra". Here, they walked, and they had a feeling of being born in the Buddhist circle. The maple trees here are forested, the cypress hides the sky, the trees are hundreds of years old, the ancient carpets, the Buddha spirit, the surrounding mountains and temples, the Fuhu Temple Mountain Gate there is "Bujinlin" the book archway, for the contemporary calligraphers wrote, Fuhu Temple whole temples hidden in the Bujinlin, Thus, it is called "the hidden tiger in the forest". It is amazing that the roof of the temple has no leaves to accumulate all year round. There are three bridges (Tiger Bath, Tiger Creek, Tiger Tsing) across the stream, the Qing Dynasty buildings, the bridge under the water, there are some chairs beside the bridge, surrounded by green mountains, the four seasons of air cycling, and the scenery on the mountain is completely different, here is more suitable for repair. Fuhu Temple and Bujinlin can be visited together, Fuhu Temple sounds very powerful, actually a bhikun Niyin, I was the first time to visit the nunnery. Ancient temple Tang Dynasty is called this name, the Qing Dynasty reconstruction, then is the number one of the largest temple in Emei Mountain. In addition to Bujinlin, there are the most "Huayan Tower" and the largest "Luohan Hall" of the whole mountain, and Kangxi's "Likuyuan". Little Tips: visitors can eat rice and rice in the temple, 10 yuan a, the current Luohan Hall is repaired, can not see."