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Half Moon Bay State BeachNearby City

Half Moon Bay State Beach

4.6/532 Reviews
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Ranked #1 in Half Moon Bay Can't Miss Attractions
21.4 mi from San Francisco, Half Moon Bay
"Just enter Half Moon Bay in the navigation. It is a very famous attraction on Highway 1, but the famous Half Moon Bay is also notoriously difficult to park. There are only a few parking spaces near the beach. Fortunately, we ran into one (although there are few parking spaces, Americans wait in line more orderly, come and go very fast, do not wait long, and do not continue to the end of the road, because it is a private parking lot), Although there is no parking along the road, everyone stopped in a row on the side of the road, but the self-driving friends should try not to do this. If they are towed away or a ticket is posted, it will be troublesome... At the end of the road is the golf course, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the mansion area (there is no external parking lot). It is beautiful, relaxing and full of comfort. 1. It is recommended that you bring delicious food, put on sunscreen, and sit on the beach all morning. The ultraviolet rays in the afternoon are too strong, it is very hot, and it is very comfortable in the morning; 2. Seeing a family member, the child may be one year old Or a few months old, mother will take the baby to crawl on the beach. It is very cute. If you have a baby, you might as well take a parent-child family sunbathing. 3. There are many dogs on the beach, basically not on leash, and there are many large dogs, so People who are sensitive to small animals pay attention, but American dogs are not kept at home. They see people every day, so they don't bark and are very obedient."