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Haituo MountainBusiness Suspended

Haituo Mountain

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24.4 mi from Chicheng, Beijing
"Haituo Mountain is located in the southwest of Chicheng County, Hebei Province. It stretches from Chengde to the east, Zhangjiakou to the west, Bashang Grassland to the north, and Beijing to the south. The total area is 11224.9 hectares, and the main peak Haituo Mountain is 2241 meters above sea level. Haituo Mountain is also known as Da and Xiaopu Mountain. Two thousand years ago, Wang Cizhong changed the seal script to clerical script, and the story of the three rejections of Qin Shihuang's title took place here. The district is 130 kilometers away from Beijing. It can be reached by crossing Badaling and going north through Yanqing County. Haituo Ridge is the boundary ridge between Chicheng County and Beijing, and Shanyang is Songshan Nature Reserve. The two districts are joined together, based on mountains, and the combination of yin and yang constitutes a majestic green treasure house, like a large screen across the area. The north of the capital has become an important line of defense against sandstorms entering Beijing. The annual average temperature of Haituo Mountain is 13 degrees Celsius lower than that of Beijing urban area. The wonderful landscape of "Haituo Daixue" that may appear from October to June of the following year. Haituo Mountain is known as a typical northern temperate mountain forest. With its changeable landscape and moderately difficult routes, it has become the base camp for outdoor sports enthusiasts in the suburbs of Beijing."
Baihe River CanyonBusiness Suspended

Baihe River Canyon

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26.9 mi from Chicheng, Beijing
"Baihe Canyon is a river canyon that flows from Baihebao Reservoir in Jiuxian County, northeast of Yanqing County, through Huairou, to Miyun Reservoir. The upper part of the canyon is from Baihebao Reservoir to the mouth of Huairoutang River. Baihebao Reservoir is a scenic spot, followed by Xiaoshuikou, an important gate of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. This is a natural canyon with well-preserved original features. It is also known as the "Three Canyons in Kyoto" together with the Yongding River Gongting Gorge and the Juma River Gorge. Because of its magnificent scenery, the Baihe Gorge is also known as the "Baili Gallery". reputation. In addition, there is a majestic scenery "Yuntai Range Rover" similar to the "Yalung Zangbo Grand Canyon" in the valley, which is worth a visit. The road along the canyon is steep, so it is suitable for an adventurous nature exploration tour. Entering the canyon from the northeast of the Baihebao Reservoir Dam in Yanqing County, you can enjoy the scenery of the canyon. The nearly 100-meter-high cliffs split the rolling white river like a sharp sword. The majestic Great Wall of Ming Dynasty winds and stretches between the mountains. There are many cliffs on both sides of the river. From Miyun County upstream along the Baihe River to the northern foot of Yunmeng Mountain, you reach the spectacular place of Baihe Canyon. The mountains here are steep, and the roads hanging between the mountains are surrounded by cliffs. Climbing to the stone platform hanging by the side of the road, you will have a panoramic view of the mountains and the winding white river, and the scenery is very beautiful."