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Ruiyun WineryNearby City

Ruiyun Winery

4.8/514 Reviews
39.2 mi from Chicheng, Huailai
"With a full score, I accidentally saw this place on Ctrip. It was not far from the city of Beijing. The Beijing-Tibet Expressway was directly connected to the city and decided to come and have a look during the last two days of National Day. Originally it was a hotel with accommodation, but there were only 15 rooms, and the popular time could not be fixed at all. It’s really a Tuscan-style manor. Every detail is in the country. I don’t feel that it is in the country. The winery is very large and decorated with care. It is free to visit and the photos are also very beautiful. I hope it will not be changed by Internet celebrities. As a photo spot, the service staff at the winery are very friendly and kind. What’s more interesting is that the restaurant serves Chinese food at noon and Western food at night. The standard is also quite good. It is also of a high standard in the city. The pre-dinner bread for dinner is very delicious. Dinner is also served in a fireplace room with a fire. It's so sensible. It’s very suitable for summer. I came here in early autumn, but now it’s a bit cold. After lunch, I went shopping for a whole afternoon, and there was no one to watch or care about. I was very comfortable. I was still reading all kinds of books in the study for a long time and playing in the hall. There are few people, so I am very happy. I strongly recommend friends to come and play when I go back."