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Xishui National Forest ParkBusiness Suspended

Xishui National Forest Park

4.4/5116 Reviews
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Ranked #5 in Yichun Can't Miss Attractions
174.7 mi from Heihe, Yichun
"Shangganling Xishui National Forest Park is a kind of exotic and exotic style, which combines the rich local flavor with the elegance of "exotic". It has both unique natural landscape and distinctive human landscape. Every scene in the park is delightful and pleasant. The scenery of Xishui National Forest Park is charming and spectacular, it is a good place for your leisure, vacation, tourism and sightseeing, and it is also a remarkable highlight on the "ecotourism" passage in Yichun. The natural landscape and humanistic landscape are unique to Shangganling Xishui Park, With the exotic elegance of the world, the rich local flavor and chic exotic atmosphere are integrated, to visit mushroom Pavilion, peak Pavilion, General Pavilion, Changqing Pavilion, Sentinel Tree, Hunter House, Windfall Tree, Homokey Head Tree, Coconut Cave, Crossing the Panshan Road, Walking Suspension Bridge, Bridge under the mountain spring stream, "The garden covers an area of 20 hectares, including the National Recreation and Recreation Center and the National Performance Park. The garden is based on Russian-style architecture. Visiting here can enjoy exotic customs and watch Russian colorful dances." Listen to Russian classic music, and can choose to buy exotic Russian goods, taste five Russian food. At nightfall, the bonfire reddens the night sky, dance with Russian girls, feeling exotic."