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Botanical Gardens
Alowyn Gardens

Alowyn Gardens

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"Botanical Gardens"
26.8 mi from downtown
"The secret gardens around Melbourne are just as beautiful as the name Fuyu Garden. A traveler will take you to a small area of Australia and New Zealand. The Yarra Valley is a famous wine-producing area around Melbourne, but this beautiful valley is not only famous for red wine. . Many gardens and orchards hidden here are worth checking in one by one, such as the Fuyu Garden and the Net Red Garden limited in October. Alowyn Gardens (Alowyn Gardens) is located in the Yarra Valley in the north of Yarra Grande town, 55 kilometers drive from Melbourne city center. The 3-hectare garden is composed of a number of different small gardens, including a flower bed garden, a forest garden, a perennial garden, a display garden, a dry garden and a French-style garden. There is even a food garden here. Brightly colored, strange-looking pumpkins, fresh fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, etc. are piled loosely on the ground, forming a peculiar landscape, but it makes people feel particularly interesting. Some fruits and vegetables are also planted in the food garden, like peas and so on. The rest of the gardens are also planted with various common garden plants, including roses, orchids, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, lotus flowers, etc., as well as many evergreen and coniferous plants. The perennial garden maintains a green appearance all the year round, looks very fresh, and enters a small forest at night. One of the most famous in the Fuyu Garden is a 100-meter-long wisteria tunnel. The tunnel is made up of garden iron frames. Purple wisteria flowers climb along the iron frames, covering the iron frames completely, and hanging their heads in the iron frames. Every October, when the wisteria season arrives, the entire garden will welcome an endless stream of tourists. When the wisteria flowers faded, the iron frame was covered with dead wood, and the whole garden was slightly depressed, but it had a retro charm. Of course, wisteria is not the only plant here. You who are here, don't miss other "flower walls" and hedges. Tickets: AUD 10 for adults, AUD 8 for children under 14 Opening hours: 10am-5pm Address: 1210 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen, travel with memorists, visit Australia & New Zealand, unlock different local experience gameplay, and customize your unique free travel ."