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Qingren Hai

Qingren Hai

4.6/525 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
22.1 mi from downtown
"Lover Sea, Tibet, known as "Saer Foot Coo", is located in the village of Saer Foot, Akori Township, Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, at an altitude of 3866 meters. We pass the village housing, past the hunting through the oysters, to the lake to start walking along the lake shore. The lakeside trail is hidden in fir and cypress trees, the trees are tall and covered with pineapples. The journey is not very long, but because of the high altitude, it can only go slowly, and it is just a way to enjoy the scenery. The lake is mirrored, with the sun, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes light gray, and the nearest wood, faraway meadow, the top of the cloud, composed a similar but different wonderland, in the plateau has been deduced beautiful picture scroll. On this fairyland lake, you just want to stand quietly, quietly, like the fairyland flowing, you just have to behead a smile. We returned to the village along the original road, luckily a villager, learned that the original road can not return, continue along the road to the lake to the meadow, and then the road to the opposite back to the village. The villagers also told us that winter is also beautiful, winter lake ice can skate. Lover Sea Walk Suggestions: From the direction of Guanyin Bridge to the loss of lover sea, it is usually to navigate to the parking lot of Salzu village. It is recommended that you continue to drive up the mountain to the lover slope parking lot at the end of the lover sea, and then start clockwise from the end of the lake. This way, not to go back, can appreciate the sea of lovers from different directions. If from the direction of Jinchuan, will first arrive the slope of lovers, park here can be hiking."
Jinchuan River Valley

Jinchuan River Valley

4 Reviews
Ranked #14 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
0.7 mi from downtown
"Follow pick-up coil and some dog to drive around, deep explore the niche travel place. Have you heard of Jinchuan river with sand? Today pick-up coil and some dog to take friends to explore this "Treasure Wonderland". The sun valley's "Treasure Fairyland" temperament ①. When we arrived, the autumn color was still early, but the scenery at the mouth of the valley was different. The sun valley had not yet started commercial development, and it was hidden quietly in the mountains of western Sichuan (Jinchuan), beautiful and beautiful. Up the valley, all the way is free of charge, and tourists are rarely available, one person enjoys this poetic space. ②, there are few villages that are not visited, and there are almost no tourists. Only occasionally there are sporadic people with temples, water with the sound of unspeakable quiet: the heaven and the earth are unspeakable beauty. ③. The Jinsha River is sunny and clear on the day. In the reflection of the sun, we accidentally find the river slowly glistening in the water, and when we look carefully, it is actually covered with sand. Therefore, it is not a bad place to be "Treasure Wonderland". . Practical Tips detailed location, Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province Maorixiang Branch Road, from G317 into the branch road, navigation is not convenient, you have to see the map. The best seasons vary from mid-October to late-October, depending on the climate. Epidemic alert: Wear masks and don't gather. Avoid travel to risk areas and try to drive yourself & explore niche travel sites. You like to drive by yourself, and you don't take the usual road, please listen to the chorus. # Rest in the surrounding area # Little Find Society # Self-driving tour of the treasure book"