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Juenang Culture Center

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73.8 mi from Jinchuan, Rangtang
"🔸🔹🔸 Follow the pick-up ear and a dog to drive a cloud tour, deep exploration of the niche travel. 🛣 Pick-up ear and a dog five times to walk west Sichuan, through a lot of scenery and humanities coexisting of the rare treasure highway. Today, the "Aliang Road" to Amway is located in Zantang County, Aba Prefecture. "Treasure degree" is definitely the best of these roads. 🚙 Join us and unlock the cloud tour. See what you can't miss on this road. We follow the order of going from the Zantang County to the Zhongzantang Town as our friends unlock the charm of the two roads. ✨ Qiu, Yili Road Charm Point ✨ 1 ⃣ Zantang Ling Yili Road altitude near 4KM vertex from Zantang County to Ali Road began to go up the mountain. Soon came to the ridge of the high road at the top of the road at altitude 3920M (Figure 1-8). 👍 After the travel experience, the road also seemed to become a world of ice and snow; The snow is clear, and you can look at the vast picture-like view of the suburbs of Zantang County. The "Nine Inverted Turns" of A's two roads are right in front of you, giving you a double impact of sense and vision, and a full score of travel experience. 🛣 Parking information viewing platform is integrated with the parking lot and the venue is large. 📍 The highlight worth seeing is the Sakaolin elevation signification tablet inscription; the nine inverted viewing trail. 2⃣ Water conservancy scenic area Sakaolin from the two roads to see the loam pond landscape after the Sakaolin slowly downhill, soon can see a roadside open viewing platform. When you climb the roof and look at the foot of the mountain, you see a wide, clear river running over, which is the same as the road, and this is the Qu River. The river is the center of the landscape zone of the Zangtang Water Conservancy Scenic Area (Figure 9-11). 👍 Travel experience is a beautiful combination of Quhe and the newly built townships around it / Highway, the colorful forests scattered between the villages, and the snowy mountains stretching in the distance. The observation decks on Ahli and Ahli roads are in excellent location and have no obstruction. Not only can you see the vast scenery of the soil ponds far away, but also can aerially photograph the magnificent mountains and rivers. Travel experience is full score. 🛣 Parking information viewing platform is integrated with parking lot and the venue is large. 📍 The highlight worth seeing is Quhe, Yuduo Xinxiang, etc., and there are tour trails to experience. 3⃣ Nanmu Datong from Aliang Road overlooks the fairy tale world town and continues to move forward, and more and more towns and villages are visible along the way. Nanmu Dazhen is one of the representatives worth parking. It is also a new town, different from the flat and open town of Yuduo: most of the houses in the village are built in the mountains; a temple overlooking the top of the mountain (Figure 12, 13). 👍 Travel experience Nanmuda after the snow is a fairy tale world. The newly built Tibetan houses are in a row, unified in a sweet red line, and the snow scene is matched; the temples in the mountains are looming in the white fog after the snow, as if they were a deep-reflected scene in a familiar fairy tale. The travel experience here is memorable. 🛣 Parking information has no specific observation deck, you need to find parking rest areas on the road. 📍 The highlight worth seeing is the village houses, temples, distant mountains, and still green meadows. 4⃣ The landscape in front of the traditional villages on both sides of the road in Yiganmendo Village is overlooked. With the mountain road going down, it will soon be seen that there is a village on the roadside, namely Yiganmendo. This is a new Tibetan village, and all the buildings are arranged neatly on both sides of the road. On one side is the residential house, new and beautiful and Tibetan characteristics, on the other side is the religious building, the white tower high atmosphere, impressive (Figure 14, 15). 👍 The most memorable scene of the travel experience is the sight of the children in the village setting off for a distant school. They each held an apple in their hands and a lovely smile on their red faces. Close to a village, feel the life there, can enrich their own travel experience. 🛣 Parking information has no specific viewing platform, need to find a parking area on the road. 📍 The highlight of the village houses, white towers, temples and the lives of people in between. 5⃣ The Samtang Sanji Temple is our end point. The Samtang Sanji Temple of the Kyoangpai Temple Group, namely, Zangwa Temple, Querky Temple and Zebuji Temple, is the end point of our trip. This is three temples built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties with a long history, along the top of a mountain. In particular, these three temples are all Tibetan Buddhist Kyoho temples, and the Zangtang is a more concentrated area of Kyoho temples (Figure 16-18). 👍 Travel experience is the concept of "he is empty". When traveling to Zangtang, these three temples must be visited. Even if you don't know much about Tibetan Buddhism, it's okay. New landmark of Zangtang Temple under construction; kind and squalid monks; The simple and ordinary people's livelihood in Zhongyangtang Town and more unknown explorations will enhance your travel experience in Tibet. 🚙 Self-driving two practical tips 🚙🛣 Road conditions: the whole asphalt road, the car is feasible; ⛽️ Refueling: along the way, there are many villages and towns, convenient refueling; 🚙 Equipment: easy snowfall in mountainous areas, ready for slip chain; ‼️ Note: Please prevent high anti-, care for the environment and respect customs. 😷 Epidemic Hint: Wear masks and don't gather. When traveling, avoid going to risk areas, try to choose self-driving travel & explore niche travel. 🔸🔹🔸 If you like self-driving travel and don't take the usual road, please listen to the tape of your ears. #Dreamland# immersed in winter# Self-driving tour treasures# Highway scenery# Xiaozhong Discovery Club @Travel Little Explorer"