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Xuanhan Wang Weizhou Memorial Hall

Xuanhan Wang Weizhou Memorial Hall

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"Memorial Halls"
Ranked #9 in Xuanhan Can't Miss Attractions
949m from downtown
"📙Wang Weizhou (1887-1970), a person from Xuanhan Qingxichang, Sichuan, early participated in the 1911 Revolution. In May 1920, he participated in the Shanghai Branch of the Communist Party of Korea. In May 1927, he changed to the Communist Party of Korea, and organized the masses in Sichuan East from 1927 to 1932, and insisted on guerrilla war and served as commander of the Sichuan East guerrilla army. 📙The Wang Weizhou Memorial Hall was built in 1983 and opened to the public in 1986. It consists of two parts: the "Wang Weizhou Memorial Hall" and the "Red 33 Army Memorial Hall". The main hall is a residential building in East Sichuan with blue brick and tiles and magnificent momentum. 135 pictures and materials are displayed in the exhibition room, and 129 items of various revolutionary objects. A large number of historical events, facts and historical materials, which were highlighted before and after the founding of the Party and during the periods of the agrarian revolution, the war of resistance against Japan, the war of liberation and the socialist construction, were displayed prominently by Comrade Wang Weizhou, the proletarian revolutionary of the older generation, and showed his "loyalty and loyalty to the Party and his country". A lifetime journey. 📌 Detailed address: 🚙 Traffic Raiders: Bashan Red Army Park, No. 158 Xiangshan Road, Xuanhan County, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province 🚙 Traffic Raiders: Bus No. 2 Bashan Red Army Park in Xuanhan County; Self-driving Navigation "Wang Weizhou Memorial" 💴 Ticket price: Free 🌟 Highlight Features: 1, The tall "Red 33 Army Monument" and "Wang Weizhou statue" in Yuemajiangchang in Bashan Red Army Park are a distant view, which merge into one another, forming a memorial collection with the background of the Red Army culture. 2. The memorial is composed of a display room and a monument forest of the Red Army, covering an area of 8,000 square meters and a total length of 2747 meters, Three-level step garden buildings, four seasons leaf green, flowers like a brocade. 📝Tips:1. Wang Weizhou Memorial is close to Bashan Red Army Park. Wang Weizhou Memorial is not big and should be played with Bashan Red Army Park. 2. The road around Wang Weizhou Memorial is narrow, Self-driving cars should be parked in advance in the parking lot in front of the memorial."
Liubojian Lieshi Memorial HallNearby City

Liubojian Lieshi Memorial Hall

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"Memorial Halls"
39.3 mi from Xuanhan, Bazhong
"Liu Hakujian (1895-1935), a native of Heichang, Sichuan, studied at Chengdu Higher Normal School (the predecessor of Sichuan University). He went to Europe in 1920 to study at work; In 1921, he organized the Chinese Communist Party of Europe with Zhou Enlai, and in 1922 he joined the Communist Party of China and studied at the East University. After the establishment of the central Soviet Union, he was appointed chief of the political department of the Red Army School of the Red Army, and he participated in the uprising in Ningdu, and he was appointed chief of the political department of the Red Army 5 corps, and later he was appointed vice director of the propaganda department of the Central Revolutionary Army Committee. In March 1935, the troops were arrested after being wounded and killed in a spectacular way. The Liu Bojian Martyr Memorial Hall (the monument) is located in the Fotou Mountain Forest Park in the north of Pingchang County. The terrain is high and cool, the view is wide, the surrounding trees are green and the environment is beautiful. The monument was erected in the square, and the monument was named "Liu Bojian Martyr Monument" by Deng Xiaoping. The former President Yang Shangkun personally participated in the ceremony. Address: Traffic Capture No. 22 Jiangyang Road, Pingchang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province: Pingchang County 5 bus Jiangyang station; self-driving navigation "Liu Bojian Memorial" ticket price: free, parking fee 7 yuan Tips:1, Liu Bojian Memorial is located in the north of Pingchang County Fotoushan Forest Park, the memorial site is not big, can play with Fotoushan Forest Park. 2. Liu Bojian Memorial Hall is Bojian Square in front of the Fotoushan Forest Park, which is a good place for citizens to play and relax."