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Horse Pens 40Nearby City

Horse Pens 40

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"Geological Sites"
39.5 mi from Birmingham, St. Clair County
"A holy place for rock climbers, a unique place. In fact, I really like extreme sports, looking for the thrill of excitement. I think the happiness I get from this is much greater than other scenery. In the city, I prefer parkour and the sea. Among them, I like swimming. When I came to this place, it was rock climbing of course. The opening hours here are from six in the morning to six in the afternoon, and there is no need for tickets. It is recommended to play for 3 hours, so that you can better appreciate the magic here. 1. There are so many natural rocks like this. It is simply a paradise for rock climbers. Of course I am no exception. I am excited to see these scenery because there are more rock climbers here. , Some of the rocks here have been worn away, and there are a lot of rocks here that can be climbed, and the difficulty is really not small, there are certain requirements for strength and skills, seeing these I have already geared up, After conquering one rock after another, I was already a little hungry after the slap. 2. There are also a lot of food here. The barbecue here is really tempting. It is not cut into small pieces and grilled in a long strip. I can smell the smell of meat all the way, and it looks even more so. It’s delicious. In addition to grilled meat, there are also baked potatoes and even grilled cucumbers, as well as some unnamed delicacies. They are really beautiful."