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Diqing Museum of the Red Army Long MarchNearby City

Diqing Museum of the Red Army Long March

4.2/540 Reviews
92 mi from Daocheng, Shangri-La
"The Long March Museum of the Red Army is located on the north side of Yueguang Square in Dukezong Ancient City. The museum is located in the "Central Town Hall", a key national cultural relic protection unit. In 1936, He Long, Shock, Ren Haoshi led the Red Army Long March through Zhongdian, established a headquarters here, and held a famous "Zhongdian Conference" here. The building of the Long March Museum of the Red Army is located in the north facing south, the town hall is located in the center, is a civil structure three-fold Luxie Peak two-story building, the appearance of Han-style pavilion, the interior of Tibetan-style Buddhist pattern. The exhibition hall of the Red Army Long March Museum is built around the court. The exterior is featured by local Tibetan culture, with modern building materials, brick-and-mixed structures, and the exterior wall is painted in grey and gables decorated in earthy red. The museum features the Red Army's two-sided Long March, and an all-round display of the great feats of the Red Army's three main forces, who have overcome the difficulties and dangers of winning the Long March. The exhibition highlights the Red Army's First, Second and Fourth Long March, the Red Army's snow-capped mountain past grassland, the Red Army's exemplary implementation of the Party's ethnic and religious policies in Tibet, the Red Army's sowing of revolutionary flames in Tibet and the people of Diqing's various ethnic groups' spreading of the spirit of the Red Army's Long March to build a beautiful homeland. The most moving of all is the interactive landscape of the Red Army climbing the meadow, which uses sound, light and electricity to reproduce the scene of the Red Army climbing the meadow. Come to Shangri-La, the snow mountain scenery is common, and the snow mountain is more than 4000 meters. We walked on the flat ground panting, the plateau response dizzy and headache, let alone climb snowy mountains. With this experience, the Red Army's Long March over the grassland to overcome the hardships of a deeper feeling."