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Guocheng TempleBusiness Suspended

Guocheng Temple

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75.4 mi from Qiqihar, Daqing
JohnXie 423
"My New Year's opening is often the beginning of things, at such a special time, many times are a family reunion, friends and relatives gathering, but due to the epidemic, such time is much less, and we choose to make an appointment at the temple, Pray for a peace for the family, a blessing to go to open Yong Daqing as a city of less than 40 years of age as a new industrial city, the religious cultural heritage of nature less of the sediment of history, nature has no long-standing Buddhist holy places, But the Guocheng Temple, located at No. 4 Zhonglin Street, Sartu District, Daqing City, provides a blessing for the whole city. The Guocheng Temple, which was built in 1991, was built by the family of senior Buddhist monks who carried out the Buddhist act to promote Buddhism, and was carefully built by Pudu and self-financing. The temple covers an area of 30000 square meters, and the building of the temple retains the ancient Chinese architecture style, and it is symmetrical on both sides of the central axis. The central axis of the building includes the Shanmen, the Temple of Heavenly Kings, the Open-air Tibetan statue, the Grand Palace and the Tibetan Sutra Building, each with bell and drum tower, the Sansei Temple, the Passing-through Hall, the Ancestral Hall, the Guest Hall and the boudoir, and other observant items. Due to the epidemic situation, the temple is not open to the public. Need to burn incense worship buddha to communicate with the temple in advance. The temple prohibits the outer incense fire, the temple provides incense fire and related instruments to enter the temple to clean clothes, behavior to be appropriate traffic strategy: take the 106 and Kuai 7 roads to the radio and television bridge west station in the city, walk 1.5 km to the detailed address: No. 4 Zhonglin Street, Sartu District, Daqing City (opposite to Urban Forest Park) Average Consumption: Free Ticket Business Time: Open all day"