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Winchester Lake State ParkNearby City

Winchester Lake State Park

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43.4 mi from Pullman, Winchester
"Wonderful Amber Park-outing and walking. Before coming to Winchester, I searched for interesting spots on the enlarged local map, which are naturally the natural scenery I am interested in. Many European cities are scattered with lakes and natural parks, each with a different style to comfort the eyes and soul. What is so impressive about this wonderful lake park in Winchester that I came to? There is no doubt that the answer is Lake State Park. During the tour, Lake State Park is the largest lake park I have ever seen. When I first saw it, I couldn't see its green end even on tiptoes. On the day I went, the weather was clear with the breeze, and a few white clouds floated in the sky. I met local pedestrians walking in a warm and comfortable atmosphere one after another on the road, and I relaxed and enjoyed it. Especially with a cup of hot coffee in his hand. Large and small lakes are common in the park. The shapes are very interesting, which inspires my black hole imagination, especially some raw eggs that look like ellipses. The lake is clear and you can see the fish swimming inside, and you can also see some The shaggy sheep lazily ate the grass by the lake. Sometimes the goal is a large winding hillside covered with green grass, sometimes a lake is connected to the grass, and perhaps a large tree standing against the wind that has grown for thousands of years, resting under the tree, looking up new The sun, the lake flowing in the distance, and the little sheep grazing nearby, occasionally look at you at each other, which is so interesting. Warm reminder I feel that no matter where you go to the park, the weather is very important, so watch the weather in advance. Remember to put on a pair of comfortable shoes."