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Yanbian University Surrounding
Maoershan National Forest Park

Maoershan National Forest Park

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Ranked #1 in Yanji Great Urban Parks
3.8 mi from selected area
"Mao'er Mountain, from a distance, looks like a straw hat, hence the name Mao'er Mountain. There are various pine trees, elm trees, poplar trees and various shrubs growing on the mountains of Maoer Mountain Scenic Area. In the dense meadows in the mountains, various mushrooms also grow. There are chickens, hares and other wild animals in the mountains. If you are lucky, you can also see cute squirrels eating pine cones. Maoer Mountain is a high altitude in Yanji City, and you can overlook the entire Yanji City from the top of the mountain. At the same time, Maoer Mountain is also the viewing platform of Buerhatong River and Hailan River. Looking down to the south, the leisurely flowing Hailan River is inlaid on the Hailan River plain with the fragrance of rice and flowers. Under the sunlight in summer, the paddy fields are glowing with white light and the water mist is transpiring; looking up to the west, the fruit trees are lined up, the pear blossoms are fragrant, and the twin peaks of Ma'anshan in the distance are clearly visible; looking to the east, the layers of forest are dyed and lush. It can be said that "the fruit trees are lined under the Changbai Mountain, and the rice flowers are fragrant by the Hailan River". Mao'er Mountain's woodland is convenient for transportation, and there are various vehicles going to and from Yanji and Longjing on the road in the forest. You can take the 43 road directly, but it takes a long time. It is recommended to take a taxi."