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75 mi from Haboro, Higashikawa
"The place where the autumn leaf season comes first in Japan. From the cable car to the top of the mountain, there are several observatories around 1.7km in a circle. It takes about 1 hour. It is not difficult and the scenery is very beautiful. If the weather is not bad, it is highly recommended. Ordinary and comfortable clothing is fine. Some sections of the road are covered with gravel. It is recommended to wear sports shoes with not too thin soles. It takes about 3.5-4 hours round trip to the summit of Xudake, which is about 4.5-5 hours in total. This is a bit difficult, with climbing experience and appropriate dressing, and it is recommended to try. You can enjoy the scenery from different heights, which is very different. Ascending to the summit of Xuyue Mountain, most of the road sections are very slippery gravel roads, you must have non-slip shoes, waterproof and non-slip hiking shoes are the most suitable. The weather in the mountains is changeable, rainy and foggy, and waterproof jackets are still needed. Gloves and trekking poles are helpful for climbing. Gloves don’t need to be too good. There are gloves at the cable car station, but it’s best to bring a pair of old ones yourself. Just grabbing the rope on the side and sliding down backwards, my hands hurt. When I went down the mountain, the slippery road hurt my knees. Don't protect me from being young. I didn't do my homework beforehand, and my knees hurt before I reached the bottom of the mountain. The temperature at the top of the mountain is low. After all, it is 2291 meters. Bring a warm middle layer jacket. If it’s from the cable car to Zijian Station and start hiking, there are several observation decks and the top of Asahidake Mountain, there is no hidden danger of encountering bears, and bear bells are not required. Asahidake climbs up, it becomes bare and all stone , The bear will not come. Going to the Fuheping line or hiking up from the foot of the mountain without taking the cable car is an area where bears move, so be prepared. Try to go in groups as much as possible, high-five or bring bear bells to inform the arrival of human bears."