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Saga Castle History MuseumNearby City

Saga Castle History Museum

4.1/521 Reviews
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Ranked #4 in Saga Can't Miss Attractions
24.5 mi from Fukuoka, Saga
"It’s free here. There are old castle towers. When you walk into the castle tower, you should hear the sound of students participating in sports activities from time to time. A magnificent wooden building in the courtyard is the Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum. There are some uncles and aunts wearing Japanese clothes, standing at the door to greet visitors from a distance. Here you need to take off your shoes to visit inside. We took off our shoes on the left under the guidance of the aunt. During the chat, we learned that we were from Shanghai and entered An uncle at the door immediately gave each of us a Chinese introduction. He smiled and was very amiable. When I came to the first entrance, there were a lot of paper-folded goldfish and hats on the table at the door, and the cards beside them were written in various words. : I took the one I liked the most, so I asked the uncle who took us to visit and got a positive answer. We each took the gadgets we liked, which can be regarded as souvenirs. Follow the route to visit and enjoy the paper sliding door. Japanese architectural features such as sliding windows and tatami mats, I also learned that the tenth lord of Saga Nashimasa, who restored the Honmaru Palace, which was destroyed by a fire in the Edo period, in 1838, his bronze statue stands beside Saga Castle. Later generations expressed their best respect for him! After the visit, I returned to the first entrance. The aunts folded a lot of gadgets. After the replenishment, they greeted tourists who hadn’t taken them to get gifts. Seeing the tourists carefully selected, the style was very cute. When we left, Walking around in the yard, I feel that the place here is quite big. Go out along the back door and pass by a large piece of grass. You can see the tower you just entered on your right."