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Ureshino OnsenNearby City

Ureshino Onsen

4.5/532 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 143 reviews
"Hot Spring Resorts"
"Hot Springs"
41.7 mi from Fukuoka, Ureshino
"Japan must clock in! A beautiful spa town that must not be missed! If you want to go to Japan, but you don't want to go to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, which are full of people, it would be a good choice to go to Kyushu, Japan, especially on November! There are few people and the temperature is high, so it won’t be cold in short sleeves! · And when you come to Kyushu, don't miss the beautiful hot spring town of Ureshino Onsen! Many people also come here to experience the local hot springs♨️, but if you have a limited budget, living in Saga, taking JR or bus to here for a day trip is also a good choice! Next, I will tell you how Ureshino should play! · Several attractions not to be missed in Ureshino Onsen: 1️⃣Toyohime Shrine⛩️, located in a small alley, the shrine is enshrined in the [Catfish God], the god of beautiful skin that can make skin white and smooth. [Catfish God] There are a lot of "Ema" hanging next to them, all of which are made by people who come to worship after the worship is over, and then hang up. The Fonagin of "Ema" is 400 yen, just put it in the gift box. 2️⃣Hizen Yume Street is also a Ninja Village. It is the only building in Japan that completely imitates the Edo period. It is also a small park with a ninja theme. Tickets are 1,100 yen. If you are interested in ninjas, you can go shopping. 3️⃣ Ureshino Hot Spring Park, a small park, the small western-style building built in Linhe is very beautiful, and the scenery on both sides of the bridge is also very good! 4️⃣Don’t miss the several open-air footbaths scattered around the town. If you don’t have the time and budget to stay in a local hot spring hotel, you can experience the open-air footbath on the street. It’s warm and comfortable. 5️⃣ Ruiguang Temple, a small temple, but very quiet, it is good to go for a stroll. 6️⃣Characteristic Japanese streets, where you can shoot blockbuster movies! You can see kittens everywhere on the street, isn’t it very loving? 7️⃣Tofu soup is also a big attraction! Because Ureshino is full of hot springs, the locals use this natural resource to make a special delicacy-hot spring tofu soup. The tofu is cooked with hot spring water. The soup is refreshing and the tofu is tender, and a set meal costs only RMB 60! · How to get there: To get from Saga, you need to take JR first and then transfer to a bus to get there. If you take JR, you need to transfer at Takeo Station, so Takeo and Ureshino can be included in one day's itinerary."
Suginoi HotelNearby City

Suginoi Hotel

4.5/522 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 238 reviews
"Hot Spring Resorts"
"Hot Springs"
Ranked #9 in Beppu Can't Miss Attractions
65.6 mi from Fukuoka, Beppu
"#聪超高的度假酒店# I booked a 2-night hotel package through agoda, including breakfast and dinner. 1. Although the furnishings of the hotel rooms are slightly outdated, they are better. As we all know, Japanese hotels are generally very small, and some only have enough space for suitcases. In addition to the twin beds, Suginoi’s room also has a tatami mat. There are mattresses and other bedding in the closet, so basically this room can sleep 4-5 people. 2. The hotel has perfect facilities. The hotel is equipped with a souvenir shopping area, a game area, and a bowling alley. The hotel restaurant is a bit similar to the Venetian Hotel in Macau. The ceiling is imitating the sky. For dinner, there are foreign bands singing and singing, creating a lively atmosphere. The restaurant also has a special children's area. There is a small train track around the ceiling of the children's area, and the small train runs happily around the children. The hotel arranges self-service cotton candy machines and chocolate fountains for the children super intimately. What I have to admire is that the Japanese really take the details to the extreme. The background music in the children’s area is popular cartoon music. Haha, we heard the theme songs of Chibi Maruko and Ninja Rantaro. 3. The biggest feature of the hotel-Tanyayu, a terraced open-air observation hot spring composed of five-story baths. It adopts an infinite design. While soaking in the hot spring, you can have a panoramic view of the buildings along the streets of Beppu and Beppu Bay (forgive me for not Picture), you can find out on the official website. The hotel is located on the mountainside. It is said that the sunrise is very beautiful. Every day at the hot spring entrance, there will be a reminder of the sunrise time of the next day. We missed the sunrise for 2 consecutive days because of snooze. Telling stories, soaking in hot springs together feel particularly happy. In addition, another major feature of the hotel is the swimming pool, where you can watch the fountain show while playing in your swimsuit at night. There is also a 3D light show that is very popular with children. 4. Convenient transportation. The hotel has a special shuttle bus at Beppu Station, every 15 minutes, you can transfer to the bus to visit the "Beppu Eight Views"."