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59.8 mi from Fukuoka, Yufuin
"#2018.03 九州天空城# Yufuin no Mori is a train that must not be missed to Kitakyushu. Seats are reserved throughout the journey, so the first thing after arriving in Kyushu is to go to JR station to exchange your tickets. Of course, before that, you can confirm the time of Yufuin no Mori on the JR official website. The number of trains from Yufuin-no-Mori Point should be the least in Kitakyushu. It is the kingly way to determine the ride time first. Mainly pass through Fukuoka, Beppu, Yufu and other stations. It is recommended to take at least 2 hours. This allows you to stroll from the front to the rear of the car. The glass at the rear and front of the car is transparent, allowing you to enjoy the mountains and rivers along the way. Children can also borrow the train conductor’s uniform and hat for free to take cute pictures. The sales area has various gifts of Yufuin no Mori. The three-dimensional key ring of Yufuin no Mori is very cute. 500-600 yen. There are also gifts such as tape, mobile phone chains and so on. Each person can get a postcard of Yufuin no Mori, and they can put the seal on the back as a souvenir. Also not to be missed are the gourmet food on Yufuin no Mori. There are three types of bento, which are 700, 1,000 and 1,200 yen. On the day of the ride, the bento was only 1,000 yen. The rice with dried whitebait, peas, and sauce was delicious. There were also many types of side dishes, such as pumpkin, jade, fish, pork and so on. The pudding is also worth a try. It feels sweet and greasy at first, and has a strange taste that is unclear, but after eating it, it feels very delicious. Soy ice cream can eat the crude fiber of beans, but it is still a bit too sweet. The orange juice made from the oranges produced in Kyushu is delicious, and I also help to open the lid and prepare ice cubes and disposable cups. You still have to take a ride when you come to Kyushu~"
JR Kyushu Sweet Train Aru Ressha

JR Kyushu Sweet Train Aru Ressha

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"Other Sightseeing Tours"
1.2 mi from downtown
"Japan's best cherry blossoms on the train now many people are very fond of the cherry blossom season, this time we need to find a different way to find some niche places to see this cherry blossom feast! At this time, the cherry blossom season train journey in Kyushu is very good. We can take the golden train to the cherry blossom resort to see a cherry blossom feast JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN 'ARU train' the golden train is like a luxury train that has been traveling through 100 years, full of romantic design and story-like fantasy! The two cars were remodeled from two cars that had actually been running about 40 years ago, and the bright 1 car was made of maple wood, and the stable 2 car was made of walnut wood, and the atmosphere was different. The main attraction on the train is these delicious desserts, along with the beautiful cherry blossoms and the sweet food Nagasaki Omura Park: the park in the cherry blossoms of about 20 species, the petals of Omura cherry blossoms are less than 60, and it will reach 200 in a long time. Saga Karatsu Jo castle Maizuru Jo castle: If you face north on the train, you will see the city's high point Karatsu Jo castle before entering the station. There are two platforms, each floor of the cherry tree. Saga Mifuneyama Park: Mifuneyama Park is built by Takeo Lord Shigeyoshi nabeshima in 3 years, and about 2,000 cherry blossoms will bloom in the spring garden. Yutoku Inari Jinja Shrine: Yutoku Inari Shrine is one of the three major Inari Jinja shrines in Japan. The most famous of them is its senbon Torii"