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Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Scenic AreaNearby City

Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area

4.6/53558 Reviews
Ranked #6 in Jinan Can't Miss Attractions
18.9 mi from Mount Tai, Jinan
"Jinan | 2020 couple's New Year's Nice Place 🎅 New Year's Day must have a drink with the people you like. The implication is that we are "bottles of An An and Taste the Wine" ❤️ New Year & Christmas where the atmosphere is the most strong ❓ Jiurushan must be your first choice @ Jiurushan Jiurushan here 🈶 Ice and Snow Music Festival, New Year Carnival ✨ Running Bar Snow Circle - Snow Circle Roving, Snow Circle Burn, Snow Circle Hotpot, Roast All Sheep, Roast Turkey, DJ, MC Dynamic Music, Band Performance, Electronic Fireworks, Burn ✨ 2022 You want the romance of Jiurushan can give you 🤲🏠 Cat's Nest Homestay 🐱 In the hot lovers This warm cabin "cat" together 🏠 Hongyan Rongmu barrel B&B 💋 Love nest is a fantasy, after the red wine, the atmosphere is instantly upup. The best Christmas 🎄 is that your heart is touched together ❤️❤ Women's Flower Xiangfang 🌸 Flower fragrance dark light two know each other, Do it yourself and grind the dried flowers into the sachet. This flower fragrance is unique ❤ grind time ☕ In fact, life also needs to grind, enjoy the warm afternoon sun, and the coffee you slowly grind yourself is definitely a taste you have never tasted ❤ Talking stone. Stone Art Museum 🎃 Do you know the heart of the stone? Dexterous hands 🤲 and whimsical ideas will make the stone 🈶 how to change ❤️❗❗ There are more than 20 immersive life experience halls in the scenic area. In winter, there are new openings for Karst cave Tangquan, gym, cigar bar, billiards hall, yoga hall, Tongquguan, lipstick DIY, perfume production, Western bar...❄️ Feibao Icefalls outside the window, the wooden house is small and warm, the stove is warm, Jiuru Mountain, winter is more romantic ❄️👫 Not yet bringing her/him to Jiuru Mountain to feel the New Year's romance # Jiuru Mountain Winter is more romantic # Let travel be more romantic"