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Tai'an Underground Dragon Palace (Formerly Taishan Rift Valley)Nearby City

Tai'an Underground Dragon Palace (Formerly Taishan Rift Valley)

4.4/53596 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #2 in Taian Can't Miss Attractions
11.4 mi from Mount Tai, Taian
"I don't know when my hometown developed such a scenic spot. I didn't expect much before going to the karst cave in the south. I saw it too. It's okay to go in and go up. The greening of the scenic spot is generally, because it has children, so I slipped outside and didn't take the battery car. It was later discovered that there were shortcuts to the cave and you could walk around without rushing. The cave really gave me a big surprise, like an adventure, first a narrow cave, walked about ten miles to the drifting entrance, the drifting entrance can be visited on foot and rafting plus the following walk, highly recommend the rafting, the journey is long, the whole journey is cave or stalactite, Quick but relatively smooth, only in the beginning and end of the more exciting, will be a man will fall, grip can. "Then on foot, there are some caves, stalactites of all colors, some of them are still growing, and there are white calcium salt deposits outside, like snow, mainly waterfalls within the cave, up to ten meters, the flow of water is large, the space inside the cave is particularly large, the highest is nearly thirty or forty meters," It's hard to imagine it all under the ground. We took more than two hours in the cave, it is recommended that everyone bring good supplies. Raincoats are not needed, shoe covers are needed, but will be sent before boarding, free of charge. Overall the view is very good, but the development is a little inconvenient, it is recommended that you hurry up, it is estimated that many more people will be changed to visit the route, especially in dangerous places."