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Dangling Scenic SpotNearby City

Dangling Scenic Spot

4.7/597 Reviews
"Nature Reserves"
Ranked #1 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
31.7 mi from Danba, Jinchuan
"Danba has many attractions, Jiajuzhonglu Tibetan Village is very famous. And my favorite big Sangzang Village, located 18 kilometers northwest of the county seat of Danba County, by the water, is located in the lower valley of the Geshiza River. The residential building is built on the slope of the river next to the cliff, looking like a palace. Because of the Dangling and Mosca names, the Dasang Tibetan Village, which is the upper reaches of Dasang, was once one of the three topographical sources of Danba. The Bian'er Ditch is located in the north section of the Hengduan Mountains, heading northwest, and is connected by the road. From the Danba County to the edge of the ear ditch, the altitude rose from 1860 meters to 2600 meters, the increase is relatively small. After crossing the edge of the ear ditch, the altitude began to rise sharply to Dangling and Mosca. The altitude can rise to 4000 meters within 20 kilometers. The area of the two villages of the edge of the ear and Dandong is 2166.4 square kilometers. The population is only 3,000. The area is mainly concentrated in the lower reaches of the canyon. The upstream area has a sparse population, inconvenient road traffic and unique climatic conditions, which preserves the whole primitive ecology, and is one of the key areas of global bioremains since the Quaternary."
Huluhai Lake

Huluhai Lake

4.9/536 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Danba Can't Miss Attractions
31.7 mi from downtown
"Dangling Hulu Sea, 4,200 meters above sea level, Quaternary glacier retreated formed the plateau lake, such as Hulu, the lake is clear and calm, reflection beautiful, strange light, Haizi side, a redwood strained and vigorous, dense conifer from green to red. The mountains in the distance are the mountains of the snowy mountains in Hengduan Mountains, the highest peak of the summer snow mountain sea dipping 5470 meters, all year round snow, fog and snow from time to time reveal the vast and trance, exposed her pure and moving skin, like a sword directly into the clouds. First stay in Dangling Village for one night, recommend the old secretary inn, package breakfast and dinner. Some rooms have separate bathrooms and showers, use an electric water heater, have a bath, the water is very hot. The room has no heating but has an electric blanket. Physical strength is average, there is a high altitude reaction, or friends who hope to arrive at Huluhai early, remember to find the innkeeper the day before, contact the horse help, book the horse, and ride the mountain at 7 o'clock the next morning. It is usually a groom and take two horses at the same time, 200 yuan / person one way. The length of horse riding is about an hour and 15 minutes, the distance is about two-thirds of the total mileage, the last third of the distance due to the steep slopes and rocks need to hike, good physical strength 30 feet 40 minutes to gourd sea, poor physical strength takes an hour and a half to two hours. On the walk, you arrive at Ganhaizi first. This sea son is relatively small, but the scenery is very good, you can take a moment to take a photo, and then continue to hike to the Hulu Sea, there are local Tibetans renting tents on the edge of the Hulu Sea, and you also sell instant noodles. There is hot water supply, so friends who have time are not afraid of suffering, Like photography, can live in the Huluhai tent for one night, because the most beautiful time is the morning sun rise to 10 am, this time climate is stable, the lake is windless, reflection clear, light soft, few tourists. I am riding + hiking, starting at 7 am, arriving at the Hulu Sea before 10 o'clock, after noon, one side is more tourists, on the other hand, the wind is up, the angle of light has changed, the reflection of the lake can not be seen."