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Jina Qiang Village, BeichuanNearby City

Jina Qiang Village, Beichuan

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"Ancient Villages"
161.5 mi from Danba, Mianyang
"# camping together 🎢 [Entertainment Experience Raiders] You can sit here and watch the mountains and rivers, or you can catch fish in the stream, stroll in the woods, RV B&B, infinity pool, rafting camping, of course, it's much more fun than that...📍 Details: Mianyang Beichuan County 318 Zina Zhai RV Camp Beichuan Zina Tou Zhai 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Recommended for self-driving, camping sites have parking spaces 🅿️🌟 Must play items: All kinds of punching places, experience the dive on the rainbow slide! Take a childhood photo of the same style in the carousel, play seriously and take pictures in these scenery. There is a pool in the forest of value in the yard, you can jump into the pool during the day and night, enjoy the cool, cooler than the city a few degrees, wild holiday. ⛺ Campground Environment: The average temperature is only 22 ℃, the cool on the face, the green air conditioning from nature, the countless natural breaths blend in the fresh air ~ 🛏 Room Facilities: A single-story cabin with a neat row of RVs, facing the mountains, outside the doors and windows, The scenery is within reach, surrounded by mountains and forests, as if you are in a "natural oxygen bar" ~ log color and plain interior and furniture, soft and hard moderate bed, furnishings, etc. are all available, do not worry about the comfort of living. ❤ Recommended reason: Comfortable and comfortable wind, look up to see the star night sky, enjoy the life of ease, is night. The Gina Water Town RV camping camp is convenient for movement and movement. It is a quiet and beautiful place during the day and night. #Spring City Micro Vacation #Plant the long-awaited "Know" look #"New" camping experience"