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Swiss Vapeur ParcNearby City

Swiss Vapeur Parc

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14.2 mi from Lausanne, Port-Valais
" Vale Switzerland The Steam Train Park in Port Valle is very special and very interesting, no crowds, the Steam Train is easy to take, both adults and children can play enough [Laugh], is a good place to take a trip with the baby. The port of Valle is also a very beautiful niche travel attraction. It is a good place to take a trip to Switzerland with a baby. [Crap] [Entertainment Experience Raider] Detail Address: Route de la Plage, 1897 Le Bouveret, Switzerland Swiss Vapeur Parc Traffic Raider: It saves the most time by car here. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive from Geneva. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get from Geneva because of the detour. A must-do item: Tickets are valid all day, you can go into and out of the park repeatedly. Ten small train lines are taken casually, each has its own name and country. Be sure to take a few more steam trains to burn coal, which is a feature here, now it is not common! If you get to the front seat early, you can see the chimneys in front of you are smoking white. Average consumption: Adult tickets are 17 SWL, about 119 RMB. The small train can be taken casually. You can also go to the restaurant outside for lunch and come back to play. [Joyful] The baby under the age of three is free (-ω-`), so my baby does not need to buy tickets this time. Small Tips: It is the best to play for about three hours, and you can take almost all the lines. There is a restaurant in the park, if you bring your baby's auxiliary food or lunch and a microwave can be used. Very intimate. [Like] There are miniature models of Swiss castle and architecture in the little train park, the children love it!"