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Mirissa Whale WatchingNearby City

Mirissa Whale Watching

4.8/534 Reviews
"Whale Watching"
"Dolphin Watching"
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Ranked #1 in Matara Can't Miss Attractions
78.8 mi from Colombo, Mirissa
"Sri Lanka is one of the best whale watching places in the world. After December, it is the annual migration season for marine animals in the southern hemisphere. A large number of whales and dolphins set off from Antarctica along the ocean current and trudged northward to the Indian Ocean to breed offspring. The continental shelf at the southern end of Sri Lanka extends to very deep waters, and large groups of dense and elegant blue whales can be seen approaching the coast. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world, reaching more than 30 meters in length. In addition to blue whales, there are sperm whales, whale sharks and so on. From December to April of each year is the best time for whale watching in Sri Lanka. Not only whales, if you are lucky, you can also see dolphins in groups! Whale watching needs to gather and set off at six in the morning, so those who want to watch whales can arrive at Mirissa one day in advance. In addition, whale watching needs to enter the deep sea area. If necessary, be sure to prepare seasickness medicine or seasick stickers in advance! There are usually two prices, the biggest difference is the speed of the ship. Our expensive boat is a twin-engine speed boat, so it must be enclosed. This kind of boat travels to the blue whale colony in the deep sea and only takes a little more than an hour one way. And that cheap open boat takes two hours to drive, and a round trip takes two hours longer than ours."